Friday, November 14, 2008

Enochian Lamen

I do not have a future as a photographer, please forgive me. After a brutally long week here is part of what we have been working on. This is the Enochian Lamen. It is constructed out of poplar wood (because that is what OSH had), gold enamel paint,gold sparkly paper from Michaels, some liberal use of a photocopier and a screw in hanger. The process started by photocopying the angelic script onto the spiffy paper. Once I got it to a size I liked and it came out centered... I made 6 copies.

Since I am a pisces, I fully embrace the idea that I am going to screw one up at least 1 prototype beyond all reason and belief. As an artist and seamstress I have all SORTS of projects that will never see the light of day. Occasionally I am pleasantly surprised. This would be one of those cases.

Once I moved quickly through my local Kinkos (every magickian needs a good scribe and they KNOW me there...) I was off to OSH. The good Frater reminded me through his pain killer haze that they had small pieces of nice wood there. He was absolutely correct. That one goes down as Divinely inspired because he was way too out of it to have any sort of actual memory. We found and purchased a small piece of poplar. Once I got it home he cut it for me to the right size (about 4 inches square) and I sanded it smooth.

Then I painted the edges gold with enamel paint. Fun! It was unprimered so the wood just sucked up the paint. The bright and shiny parts were really appealing to my Pisces nature.

After it dried (over night) I screwed in the eyehook. I then cut two of the spiffy paper lamens out of the sparkly gold paper. (This stuff is yummy. I was just completely channeling a crow ...bright, shiny must possess...) I took it outside and sprayed it with adhesive. I came back in and placed them on the wood. Then I foolishly hung it up on the chain from the ceiling fan to dry.

After I was sure that was the look I wanted I completed the good Fraters in the same manner.

I say foolishly because I used our badges from Pantheacon to hang them up, on a gold fan pull. Something about hanging the two lamens over the box with the rings... it caused a particular current to pick up in the house. We carved the Tablet in a few hours after they were hung up. We also got a very good start on the SDA.

Overall I am quite pleased with the outcome. Up next the saga of the rings.


One said...

Hello! I'm enjoying your blog greatly.

I have a question. Do you know if there are any high-quality, print-quality images of the Lamen or the Ensigns of Creation available anywhere? Right now I'm working on the Lamen and I'll be photocopying it right out of Enochian Vision Magick by Lon DuQuette, but the Ensigns of Creation seem kind of small and i can just see them coming out lopsided, etc.

Thank you! Your work is really great.

Goony Bird said...

Well, I'm slowly working on recreating the various images at high resolutions in a drawing program. Youu're welcome to use mine all you want. Haven't gotten to the Ensigns yet, but I've done the lamen

cosmillogica said...

I have added a high resolution version to the Razorsmile blog, you can find it here: