Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Abject JOY!

So I lost my wallet somewhere around the house (Gods I hope) a bit ago. So I have been withouth my normal access to cash. I have been raiding the coin jar for snack monies for school and such things. It works well as quarters go in all of the vending machines at the school :) Well last night I went right from work to class and went to reach into my little elephant coin purse. There was about 60 cents in it. I started to get a little panicky. I had been promised dinner by another friend but they were not around and it was almost time for class. You really don't want to be around me when my blood sugar bottoms out, it is ugly and scary to watch. I was thinking that I needed to get home and grab some food, but then I remembered that I had put an oh so trendy ziplock bag with some coins in the bottom of my book bag. I am a horder by nature and I am always sure that I need a stash of backup plans just in case. I cannot tell you the ABJECT JOY that I felt when I found that little ziplock of quarters. I was just absolutely overjoyed.

It gave me pause for a moment. I have so many incredible blessings that I just accept and move on everyday. It is my sincere hope that I can keep in mind both of those feelings for a while. The panicy "Oh shit I am not going to be able to eat" and the abundant joy that a few coins can bring when you are desperate. Much of the world lives like this everyday and I will do well to remember that moment for years to come.

Now off to school. Where is that ziplock?

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