Sunday, October 19, 2008

Waxing questions

So this afternoon we embarked on a group project. Now we work on many projects together. Just usually it is one helping out with the others project. Think of it as a good technical advisor.

Today we shook it up a bit and combined our efforts. This should be interesting. I had some wax from a few candles and as left overs from an alchemy project. What does one do with wax that has used to seal personal alchemy projects? You cannot just chuck it out, there is too much of uhm YOU in it. This was the one where I did like 80 Middle Pillars over it and left it on my altar for a year and half. It had suns and my personal seal pressed into it. Slightly charged solar bits :) So recycling seemed to be the answer. The problem we had was that the two waxes did not "feel" the same. I suppose that I should be pleased about that in some way :)

So we sat the wax in his temple for a while to set the tuning fork to the same pitch. He did some ritual work to get a little of his mojo on it and we consulted the calender. Sunday... good. We waited about 30 minutes and it became the hour of the Sun in the day of the Sun and we set it the oven.

I placed the candles in a 9 inch nonstick baking tin (sprayed with Pam) and placed the jar of alchemy seal wax in a tin. Then I placed both of them on the top rack of the oven set to warm. After 10 minutes nothing was moving. I increased the heat to 225 and the time to 11 minutes. Voila! The jar had started to melt. Another 11 minutes and the dear Frater had an idea. He stuck a knife in the middle of the jar of wax and removed a plug to open it up. The symbolism was not lost upon me. We placed all of the chunks we could dig out on the pan of the candles and set it back in for another 11 minutes. This time I took a spoon and removed large chunks of wax until I was able to get the whole thing out through the opening in the top. Again the symbolism was not lost upon me. I placed the now mostly empty jar back in the oven along with the now filling tin. 11 more minutes and I poured the remaining liquid from the jar into the tin. Now it was almost all melted. 11 more minutes and it was completely liquefied. I took the pan out and placed it on a wooden chopping block to cool.

I was pleased that the whole thing made at least a one inch thick disk of wax. Now the trick was to just let it cool in peace. About this time our dinner guests arrived and smiled at our project. It was liquid and I thought it important to just let it be. My dear Frater, however, had a calling to finish a project with the wax that he did not bother to tell me about. It was cooling slowly and quietly when he walked over and prayed over it. The next time I saw it, the wax had formed a star pattern like a large stylized sun. Without being told, I knew what he had done. He has very palatable energy. It one of his most endearing qualities. When he moves energy it hits you like a truck. This particular truck moved in the hour of Venus over the wax and created a lovely radiating sun. Wax does not cool in such a pattern and this is a rather interesting pattern :)

Hopefully I can find the power cord to the camera so I can get pictures up.

It cooled after what seemed like an extraordinarily long time. Then it occurred to me that barring an all out destructive attack there was no physical way to get this thing to release from the sides. Thank the Gods for chemistry. I got a very clear image of our freezer and suddenly I realized why. I cleared out a space and froze the thing. Within about 30 minutes the thing was frozen solid and had freed itself from the pan. It popped out cleanly. The one side has a radiating sun and the other is as smooth as glass. I am pleased. Most pleased.

The best part is that it smells wonderful. Just gloriously wonderful. I cannot wait to get to work on it.


Lavanah said...

I really hope you get a picture of it. Beeswax is just one of those really satisfying materials to work with. And, the sun showing up on the cooling wax? How appropriate!

Jason Miller, said...


A couple days ago you commented on R.O.'s journal about the 11th degree, implying that it was given to those that were appointed tenth degree.

I wanted to make sure I was right before I mentioned it, so I just had it confirmed by Breeze. 11th is given outside of the normal degree structure. The only requisite degree is 1st. 10th is a ceremonial or administrative degree. 11th is very operative.

The initiation does not involve sodomy. The work of the degree does.

Just FYI

Jason Miller, said...

I have NO IDEA why I felt compelled to follow up on that BTW. It just stuck with me and I felt compelled to comment. Strange.

My Gal said...

Thanks Jason. I think that a post about bees wax is most appropriate on this subject :) To be brutally honest I had not given the subject more than a cursory glance in one of Crowleys books. I just kind of noted it and moved on. I chuckled about it only because he stated that is how you create the demiurgos. There he did speak of it being outside of the grade structure too, so why I thought it had to go that way is beyond me.

To each their own taboos to shatter. As I said there, one persons evil is another persons great Saturday night. To each their own :)

Jason Miller, said...

Oh absolutely. I think that Crowleys 11th degree work was integral to his crossing the abyss. He basically said so himself in V&V. There is a real arcana there. Not one that I need to engage in, but a real arcana nonetheless.