Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall cleaning and Golden Calcite Spheres

So a few weeks ago Frater POS was kind enough to meet me at the fair. We have a deal, he gives me a few hour head start and then he meets me for dinner and cinnamon rolls. For two or three hours I just wander around and drool at the Gem and Mineral section. I cannot help myself I am like a moth to a flame. This year I am taking a geology class and that has just made it a nerd-gasm waiting to happen.

I like to have my purchases go to a good cause and the Gem and Minerals folks are all college professors who donate the proceeds to local geology scholarships. I might just help myself one day :) This year I was searching for a beryl sphere, like in Dee's work. They are just terribly expensive and not in any functional sizes. So this year I went in with a little practical magick. I set up a little thought form to aid my process and bring into my sphere (no pun intended) that which was helpful. The second part was to repel that which was not with equal force.

As I went about my 2 hour droolfest, a Calcite sphere ( like the one in the picture) just kept calling to me. It was not beryl and did not share the same physical properties as beryl so I just kind of ignored it. After the dear Frater and I met back up, I showed him the sphere and asked his opinion. He "felt" it and agreed that it was a good bit. The Frater even purchased my 6 inch diameter orb as a glorious happy Monday gift. (Thank you very much!!!) It set us back $20.

When I was buying the sphere, I ran into my old junior high physical science teacher. She is so awesome and I took the time to thank her again for intervening on my behalf 20 plus years ago. It was the 3rd day of school and I had just transfered in. The mean girls picked the new nerd (since we went to nerds r us...) out of the crowd. I was fresh meat and they were mean enough to make me cry. I went up to the teacher to ask to go the restroom. She could tell I was near tears and went on the war path. She excused me and made them come and appologize to me before she would let them go home. 20 something years later, I still remember it vividly and remind her of her kindness and what it means to me every time I see her. She just blushed and said something about "oh kids can be so mean". I realized this time that she was probably that same little nerd at one point. When you are a 7th grader, it never occurs to you that your ubber cool teachers were probably geeky little kids once too :)

At the same time I ran into a radiant woman of color who had the most charming accent. I could not tell if it was Creole or Jamacian. We were both looking at the spheres and she said something about the "vibe". When I looked over it was like we just knew about each others magickal interests. She smiled at me and asked "so what are you going to do with it?" I smiled back and said that I wasn't sure yet. We both smirked. Just then I remembered the thought form and smiled.

Several days later I had a similar experience at a store and realized that I had not taken the thought form down. I left it up for a few more days just for fun.

The next weekend we did a fall version of spring cleaning. I cleared all the muck and mire from my altar and it feels sooooooo much better. I organized and dusted. Now I just need to build the frame to hold the crystal. That might be more challenging given the size but I am a very determined gal, I just need to find the appropriate materials. I am thinking clay but we will see if I can find a copper pipe in that size and make the form. It should be an interesting adventure for the dark part of the year.

Off to the jacuzzi to watch the rain. Enjoy~

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