Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A brief love note to my magickal family

The above picture is of a feral cat family in Hawaii. I was going to post someones actual family picture from the 1970's (think BIG HAIR and Angelflight suits) but the cats just seemed right. It seemed to be able to capture the essence of my rather diverse chosen magickal family. I know that it spans from the Gnostics, to the Witch Doctors, to the GD folks, to the Chaotes, to the CM folks, to the Christian Mages, to the Wiccans, to the Thelemites, to the Druids and EVERYONE in between. The only thing we all have in common is that we are working magickians. That alone makes us a rare breed, collectively and individually :)

Today finds me heavily medicated and sporting my signiture footie jammies. It does, however, give me a prime opportunity to write a little love note to my blogging magickal family. To my magickal brothers and sisters in arms, I love you all and thank you for your selfless contributions to my path. While some may live on opposite sides of the world and we may never actually meet (though it is a small universe....) you have helped more than you will ever know. To those who live just a few miles or feet away, thank you for sharing an intimate glimpse into your process. Again, it helps me more than you will ever know. Thank you.

I would name you all, but I am a luddite and have no freaking clue how to link things to all of the blogs that I read. Please forgive me. The fact that I have a blog is a minor miracle. I blame Frater RO and Frater POS, lovingly.

Unlike Love Story ( Love means never having to say your sorry) I think that LIFE is more like John Lennon ( Love means saying your sorry 1,000 times a day). So in that spirit, I would like to offer a heartfelt "I am sorry for the ommision" to the brilliant author of Practically Magick. (sorry, no clue how to link you to it...) A while ago a loose group of folks ( no aspersions on morals here) wrote a series of pieces on the Myth of Guilt. Somehow we all collectively lost our minds and ommited her from the discussions. Being a woman of unbounding grace, she wrote her own piece and it was brilliant. Please forgive me, the ommision will not be made again and those responsible have been flogged :)

The views on all of the pieces were fascinating and insightful. I suspect that as we all go along our chosen paths, we will find that those records of ourselves will prove most useful in reflection :)

So to all of those fellow travellers, thank you and I love you all.


Lavanah said...

Sweetie, you are grace in action, yourself (and in footie pajamas, no less). Thank you for those kind words. Long ago, I came to the realization that I cannot be insulted without giving permission for it to happen. And I never give that permission to those whom I consider family. Also, if I want the attribution of "human," with all of its glories and tribulations, then I have to allow for the humanity of others.

One day, we will all have to gather for a party. RO treats. :)

My Gal said...

Thank you for your kind words and I am fully behind having RO treat :)

It would just tickle his little Taurus hooves to be shoulder deep in filthy lucre :)

May the Will of the Magickians be acheived!!!