Sunday, October 12, 2008

Magick and physics

While I am very flattered that Frater RO mentioned me in his blog, I think that the story of the fireballs needs to be explained a bit. And by the way, no, I am not going to tell the world exactly how to do it. Sorry, the Hamster is just adamant on that point.

So when I was a little nerd in junior high we had a club, sponsored by the school mind you, that blew up pumpkins every year. We had orange spray painted hats and orange shirts that said "Pumpkin Patrol" on them. Through a series of steps that I will not discuss here, because I am making it my life's goal never to be subpoenaed for such things AGAIN, we blew that pumpkin into a million little pieces. ( I was explaining to my baby sisters EX boyfriend how much fun chemistry could be... NEVER AGAIN). We would have a school assembly and all go out to watch it. We were about 500 feet away and then they would light the sucker off. My last year of junior high was the last year for the tradition. Our adult supervision was one of the biggest wild men I have ever known. He loaded that baby up that year and when we threw the switch, it sent pieces a foot in diameter 1/4 mile away. I remember standing in my little uniform and watching a piece gaining altitude over my head at 500 feet away. It appears that the authorities also saw this and we were all summarily shut down.

Damn that was fun.

We also used to make our own fireworks in chemistry class. Again all of this was under ... generally... supervision. The same pumpkin professor spent all morning making methane bubbles to fill the chem lab ceiling. Then when we were all situated he flicked a match. Poof! It went up in a blaze of glory. That for at least a nanosecond exceeded the 147 degrees Fahrenheit that melts the automatic sprinklers indicators. Poof FLOOD! The fire Marshall was less than pleased. We, however, laughed our asses off. We were nerds but damn we had a good time doing it. Well most of us did.

Not all of it was wise and not everyone used that knowledge for good ends. The genius that welded a loaded pipe bomb and blew his hands up, really ended most of that. He blinded the kid next to him, who was doing nothing but going to class. Dumb asses tend not to just take themselves out, but those around them. That is regardless of their methodology. Magick or mundane, it all works out the same.

The same is true in magick. Todays magickian has an unlimited number of tools at your disposal. They really are all there - I do not believe that any "serious secrets" are left. You just need to learn to use them in the appropriate manner.

I was having a mechanical issue on Friday and I just did not have the time or inclination to deal with it mundanely. So I put one or some of "the boys", as I call them, to work. Not all of the Goets register as male, but the ones I am working with distinctly are male. We here have a blended family of Goets: mine, yours and ours. They did their job not just well but very well. As a reward, I told them that I would play some heavy metal when I go home. Since I am not a big fan of heavy metal, they knew it was reward.

I got back the response " You don't really need to do that."

I explained that I knew that and if it was a requirement for the work, then I would not have done it. It was however a reward for the work being done WELL.

Actually watching them dance is the best part. At some point I am just going to have to ask why they like the music. Quite honestly, I am not sure I want to know :)

Now to study the glories of calculus. I have a Hershey bar to recharge the sigil just in case. I am seriously kicking around skrying some of the fathers of Calculus to see if they can help me work some of this out. While I am not saying that I am bringing back the dead, I am getting better at asking the astral shells questions.


Mike Rock said...

"I got back the response " You don't really need to do that.""

You know if your spirits happen to be British, that translates to "Please don't, not that, anything but that!"

My Gal said...

Except that they really do like it. Who knew our mothers were right about that music :)

Someday I really will have to ask what it is about heavy metal that they enjoy. It certainly eludes me :)

Mike Rock said...

Maybe it takes them back to the racket the Kouretes and Telchines used to make with all those crashing shields and weapons.. ^_^

Qabalier said...
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