Friday, October 10, 2008

More life ponderings

Today we took a large test in Geology and before the test had a scene that I will not soon forget. There are 3 of us in the class that are going back to school for various reasons. We are all women who are of at least a certain age. There we were in the cafeteria huddled into the corner studying away. All of a sudden we all looked up and just laughed. There was just something ironic about the whole thing. Of all the things we had been through, this was causing us stress. How silly.

One of the women is jewish and it was a holy day. While I am sure it is not kosher, she was out past sunset. Her 80 year old geologist father still would not be pleased, but she was willing to risk it. She is working on getting this class out of the way so that she can start the masters program. While her father may not understand somehow I think that the universe will.

As we got in the elevator to go to class we all laughed at how stressed we were over one test and how we had all survived so much more. My line was "at least no one is shooting at me..." We all argreed that at the end of the day it was just one more test in a series of long tests. The scene however was really funny.

Earlier in the day I had suspected that an impending passing had occurred. By the time I got home there really was no need to even ask. There is just sadness and quiet contemplation there. My heart goes out to all involved. It really brings home what things are important in this life and what are just distractions. Though I suspect that ultimately that too is just a test in a series of tests.

May your True Will be accomplish in this life and in all the worlds of God.

Good night and Gods bless ( pick one or many or none you won't offend me).

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