Sunday, August 31, 2008

The path and rites of passage

Last night I was privilaged to witness a beautiful and incredible rite of passage. It was a village blessing of sorts and absolutely perfect in it's love and respect of the child. I thought how much different the lives of many of my fellow magickians would be if we were all started along the path in such a way. I am honored and humbled to have been a part of that process.

I realize that hardship and pain are part of life and that is often a shaping and driving force in our universe. Unfortunately, many of us spend the first parts of the Work just trying to undo those issues. How much more efficient would we be in the application of our Will if we didn't have to wade through that bog?

It was not about giving the child every material want, it was about supporting and loving the child for who THEY are. The speech given by the parents of the child acknowledging and honoring his spirit was nothing short of amazing. It honored his strengths and gave him the tools to start along that path that we all must walk. The difference is that he knows, he has an entire village with him.

Normally I really dislike the phrase about it "taking a village", it is cliche and really not functional in times where we don't even know our neighbors names. Last night I saw it in action. Each child was loved and supported by all of the adults. Even in the midst of a FANTASTIC water ballon fight :)

It reminded me of my childhood with 14 aunts and uncles. If it was not for a few of those folks my childhood would have been a very bleak place at times. In particular two aunts and an uncle started my magickal path. I suppose that in some small way last night allowed the wheel to turn just a smidge more. And on we go bravely into that good night :)

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