Monday, August 25, 2008

Chocolate Sigils

Many moons ago when I first stepped on to the CM path, I had an epifany . Now it started as a smart ass comment to my first mentor, "Hey what if we just made chocolate sigils and ate them?"

He smiled at me and said "you know that is brilliant. "

I am working on it to become my contribution to the magickal community. We all have our gifts to give...

Despite it's roots. It is however a very functional idea. The idea of consecrating and consuming a talisman is not original - not by a long shot. As a former Catholic school girl, I can assure you I have choked back some of the worst wafers in history. The difference here is that I can inflame myself in prayer and ENJOY this talisman.

Since that time, to be quite honest I have not done anything with it. I worked out some of the technical issues but still had sort of let it and that whole chocolate and sex magick part of the path slide a bit to the side. While it was a hedonists delight, it was also responsible for some of my most spectacular explosions.

So now that the burns have almost healed... it is time to start moving on this process again. I am going to be working with chocolate, rice paper and some edible markers. I am sure that the chocolate will make up for the taste of the markers. My father was military and I learned years ago the difference between edible and tasty. The goal will be to write on the rice paper and then wet it enough to make it one with the chocolate.

Long term I will look into getting molds perhaps with the planetary symbols on one side that I can pour. Then I would have a chocolate disk I could carve. I am sure that my Pisces nature will get completely absorbed in the details and I will have created some incredibly complex thing. Yet for now, a chocolate bar, rice paper and nontoxic markers will have to do.

The goal is to get going sometime this week and I will keep you posted on the results.


Lavanah said...

you can get candy pens from professional cake decorating suppliers. They aren't the easiest things to work with, but you could use them to write directly on the chocolate. Royal icing would work, too, then you could color it appropriately for the sigil.

My Gal said...

Fantastic idea! I will work on that if this does not prove to be functional. It is probably a better long term solution. Thanks!