Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fairy ring mushrooms

I am not one of those gals who thinks that fairies are sweet and gentle creatures that are only here for our protection; anymore than I think that angels of any rank are only fit for bumperstickers and rear view mirrors.

My experience has been that all of the above entities are bad ass mama jammas who work on thier own schedule. The Fae in particular have a wicked sense of humor and usually we are the butt of their jokes... if we are LUCKY that is as far as it goes. The European literature is full of stories of fairies using us as cat toys.

So last weekend when dear friends came up from down South, I thought nothing of the kids running in the garden. Baring that they actually consume huge quantities of plants ( such as wormwood) they are under no danger back there. They practice a different form of Earth magick and it has always included the Fae in a respectful way. I know for a fact that they run in her garden. They also do fantastic work on her grotto but that is another blog.

2 days after they left, fairy ring mushrooms ( I looked them up that is actually what they are called...!) started sprouting up in the areas that kids were playing in. I have tended that garden daily by hand for two years and I have never seen a mushroom back there. It has been 100 plus degrees here in the desert for months. This is not prime mushroom weather but here they are.

I am not sure if they left something behind or if they just woke something up. I will have to do some investigation and report back. So far the garden seems just peachy, if anything it is doing much better than usual this time of year. Curiouser and curiouser.

Maybe magickal contagions work in all sorts of ways. OYE!

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