Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting my geek on

The above is a mineral specimen of Bentonite. As part of my trek down the path I am taking a Geology course this semester. It fits in nicely with the calculus and philosophy classes. I am officially getting my geek on. I admit it I like playing with rocks.

This last week has been a meshing of worlds. How do I juggle the Great Work, family life, school, the not so great work and a general life? I used to make everything fit into it's own little box but I am thinking that is just not possible anymore. The trick is going to be making them into one synthesized unit moving forward... ever forward.

I am taking my cues from the earth Herself. When molten rock runs into an existing rock it picks up the older rock and when it all settles out there are "inclusions" in the specimen. Some of the most spectacular are the ones where several different rocks are all included. Well my friends I am picking up some serious inclusions :)

So how is Geology going to help my magickal studies? Well I am going to put a consorted effort into understanding the hidden meanings in all of the Earths process. I wish to study what is hidden in plain sight. I use a multitude of rocks and minerals in my talismans. So the question is what is it REALLY made of? What is it's form? What is it's structure? Under what conditions is it formed?

Do I need to know that copper is often found in volcanic rock? Maybe...

If in the process of inflaming myself in prayer for something I am working in copper I can "see" it's formation in a molten pool of lava moving up to the surface, this might be useful. It might even have more potential when I know that it is usually found with sulfur :) Let's get those fire images rolling across that Venusian influence. Now is it necessary to know... no more so than it is necessary to know how any tool works. I can however do a whole lot more with it if I understand it's nature :) I cannot wait to deepen my understanding and see what I have been resonating with any why!

My other classes will tie into my studies in less direct ways. The calculus will be used to help me design one of my druid spiral projects. It will be a solar project and several years in the making. While I am not a patient woman I am certainly persistent. Perhaps it is that Taurus ascendant. The goal will be to build our own solar panels. With emerging technologies I have a lot of options. Since I built solar cars with NASA spare parts in high school I will be curious to see just how far we have come.

The philosophy class is probably the most amusing of all. The teen angst is just ripe in there. A few have barrets and goatees. I admit it, I remember those days... barely. It is nice to be reviewing the classics and come face to face with my magickal motto. It tells me that I am on the right track. We are working through Socrates right now and besides me and the international student from England, no one else had a clue who he was. For me it is a tethering of some of the Socratic reasoning back into my magickal process. What do we really know anyway? What is the nature of man and the nature of truth? Is this process independent of us or because of us?

The difference between me and the kids in the class, is that I have been asking myself these questions since before they were born. I have seen ideological differences worked out at gun point and hence these are not just rhetorical questions anymore.

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