Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love a parade

I am quite sure that parades were invented by Pisces sometime after we found chocolate and sugar. It may not be anthropologically correct, but trust me on this one. This one is ours. I know that I have personally served as the Grand Marshall of a few small town parades in my day and yes I love them.

What does any of this have to do with magick you ask?

Well this was my response to Frater POS promotion. I threw a parade right there in the living room. Why? Because who doesn't want to be recognized for their accomplishments? Who doesn't want a parade (all be it me and the cat in the living room...) saying "Woot! Go you!"

I think that when we get right down to it we all want that. We have just been so ingrained that seeking such things or even admitting that we like the attention is bad. It is just flying in the face of our Protestant humility. How dare we seek it. Surely that is not humble and doesn't fit what "good boys and girls do".

It does explain why Leos like Pisces :) Not only do we acknowledge that need, baby we act on it. We dance to our own accordion - something to a catchy Polka beat. I think that deep down the rest of the world wants to, but just won't give themselves permission to do so. It is not so much an in your face rebellion as the fire signs would do, but a statement of being.

When I visit family down south there are three generations of magickal Pisces women. The 3 Fraters attached to us have threatened to form a support group. If only to interpret the odd hand gestures and standardize the signs :) It won't do them any good, we are not really sure what they mean either.

So from a magickal perspective this has implications. We do not give ourselves permission to acknowledge what we want and would like, so how can we expect to get it? Now does this mean that we need to bring up all of the kings of the Goetia to bring us naked women? I wouldn't recommend that, a jacuzzi is more than sufficient :) It also is easier to get rid of the really crazy ones. You bring them in by magick and babycakes you are stuck with them. No sense in saving the receipt, there is no return policy here!

OK seriously. I think that our ingrained societal humility sets up an odd dynamic that says... "It is not good to lust for result but we need to inflame ourselves in prayer."

To quote a dear female Leo friend "I call bullshit!"

Drop the guilt and get to it. Dare to live a little! You won't offend Divinity no matter what you do. IT, the universal IT, is too damned big for that! Off to work on a chocolate talisman.

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