Thursday, August 7, 2008

Morrison Pan and bring your calm to work day

So sorry about the two sets of pictures. I am not a technical soul and I cannot figure out how to sprinkle them neatly in the text. Visuals first I guess. Jupiter in expansion :)

Today I KNEW that I faced a glorious day of mind numbing monkey work. It is data entry hell. It is just a small part of my normal stuff, but today was the mother lode. In anticipation I dragged my MP3 player with me to work determined to make the best of it. In all actuality the process was wonderful.

I have Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, The Doors, Steve Miller and others on there. All day I was shuffling through songs as my computer ran at a snails crawl. When it got to all of the Doors songs, I just smiled. For the last few years we have been involved with the Morrison Ritual and it has a collection of Doors songs. I sat today and really listened to the words. Some them profound, some of them profane. All of them brought a smile to my face. The older I get the more confusing the tortured lives of artists get.

Morrison was 27 when he died. I noted that I am 35. Then again I also noted that I am drawing breath.

Like shooting stars they burn bright, light up the sky and then burn up on reentry. I love the music but feel deeply for the trouble souls that allowed it to pour out. Then again maybe we all do the exact same thing in just a less spectacular manner. I am not sure if a point of balance is good for the mind of an artist. Too much functionality messes up the angst or something.

So as I was sitting there today I was reflecting ( is it close to the Equinox already???) on where I was 6 months ago - on the other side of the wheel. It was somewhere near Pantheacon and so my mind just wandered to the Pan Ritual. As part of the Clan Morrison we take an oath to walk the path of excess for a night. Well hell most of the folks in that room LIVE that concept. Then atThe End there is a point where we are reminded that excess leads to marvelous explosions but explosions none the less.

Though I will say that, while trapped in data entry purgatory, it was a fun memory to be listening to the Doors and be smiling quietly to myself. I wonder if we have any Pomegranate mead... just to smell :)
This is the End... the End my friend...

Kat Morrison signing off...

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