Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Wheel of the year goes round and round....

So a few posts back Michael asked if the Druids Wheel of the Year and the Tree of Life could be combined. I promised that I would think about it and I did.

My first response was "well no" and that causes a huge internal conflict! Which is why I needed to think about it and get back to it :)

From an intellectual standpoint John Michael Greer has a marvelous book aptly titled "Druid Magic". He has a section that combines the two seamlessly. I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing a copy. It brings to Druidry what Ceremonial Magickians crave - an ordered universe approach. My inner accountant just gets all giddy thinking about it.

Now for a more personal perspective...

There is a Qabalistic cliche that talks about "My Qabalah is not your Qabalah" The reason that cliches are around is because at some fundamental level they are both true and overly simplified. My nature and nurture have combined in such a way that my personal lens of the world works through both Thelema and Druidry. The point of rectification for me is the alchemical nature of both processes. In fact it is the alpha and omega of my personal journey.

In the middle of my Gribbit Grove is a Vesica Pisces. It represents among other things, the combining of two equal parts into a third part that is greater than the sum of its parts. It represents for me the Solar Current of Thelema, the Earth Current of Druidry and my own personal Pisces/female Lunar Current. The point of intersection is also the shape of the OTO Lamen. Sacred Geometry takes on many forms with me. I started off with the Sun of Thelema, moved into the scientific approach of CM and Alchemy and finally landed squarely in the creative juices of Our Mother.

So for me it works perfectly. In fact it could not work any other way for ME right NOW. Next week could be different :) True Will is funny like that. It doesn't ask permission and it seems to be constantly in motion.

I see the Tree of Life and Qabalah as a personal filing cabinet that has a place for everything in the universe. It is a very loose framework in many ways. Two pillars - one path- and a pursuit of the Divine starting at Earth, traversing the planets and ending above the Heavens. It is an outward macrocosmic expression of the Divine.

I see the Druids Wheel of the Year as a personal filing cabinet, arranged by date, that has a place for everything in the universe. It is a loose and expansive framework because it has to encompass ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. We start whenever and where ever we start. We move in a circular path through the gates and seasons, knowing that we will ALWAYS pass this way again. "To everything turn turn.. there is a season turn turn..." With it we honor the planets and the heavens, yet from a firm Earthly perspective. We are always on the same path, moving in perfect harmony. It is an inward microcosmic expression of the Divine.

So when you put the two together you end up with the combination of the macrocosm (6) solar and the microcosm (5) . The 11 of magickian. Above and below. True Will in motion.

Your Mileage Will and SHOULD vary.

Enjoy your journey!

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