Monday, July 7, 2008

Druidry and Thelema

As a Pisces I have always enjoyed the juxtaposition of supposed opposites. It has always given me a sort of giggly sense of balance. I majored in Physics and Costuming the first go round at college. Despite the oddities it really worked for me. So when my path lead me to Druidry, the fact that I was already an established Thelemite didn't seem all that weird. Well at least for me anyway.

The knitting together of the two systems has proved to be more challenging than I originally thought. While I thought that the two would work in seperate spheres, I forgot that I was the point of union on the spheres and that something would have to balance the opposites. It has not been a screaming issue, but there is only so much time in the day and both systems require a certain amount of work and Work. I am studying ceremonial magick one day and then put down the book to refresh my mind on the Oghams. As of yet I have only found a few dicotomies.

The first is of course the Goetia and other fractured spirits. As a Thelemite I make no distinction between spirits based on their job titles. Sure you work with them differently but they are all part of the big spinning ball of universal ITness. They have a place in the filing cabinet and the system is complete. Angels, Demons, Gnomes, Salamanders, Gods and Goddesses populate the universe and it is all in it's place. Druidry on the other hand does not deal with the fractured spirits in a functional way. It is almost as though there is not room in the cosmology and that bothers me. You cannot work with something on one hand and say that it doesn't exist on the other. It causes an internal conflict that I will need to work on to resolve.

Other than that the processes have just been very time consuming and I am not sure that I am giving either of them enough attention. Perhaps I am expecting too much, but then again maybe not.

This weekend I have had different folks ask me very pointed questions on each of the paths. Questions are always a weird thing for me. My first thing is to try to get in contact with the Hamster and ask that information coming out of my mouth will make sense and be relevent to the person asking the question. Sometimes I am amazed at what those answers are and how weird stuff suddenly makes perfect sense to people. Though sometimes they sit looking at me and blinking. Those are not fun moments. I try to phrase my answers in ways that other people will understand, but how can someone completely understand your experiences? I never feel that I am getting ALL of the point across. Then again maybe I am not supposed to. Maybe I am just supposed to supply enough information for people to go and find their answers out on their own. I just wish I could simplify the process for all of us. There is enough hard work in the Work without the answers to direct questions being vague. I know that is sometimes required, but I really hated it when I am and was on the receiving end of it.

Off to ponder the universe!

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Lavanah said...

Your combination of Druidry and Thelema is interesting! And, lots of times, just needing to explain something to someone can make it clearer to the explainer. (although I don't know how clear I am being)