Monday, June 30, 2008

Gimel and the pound cake

I have always been fascinated with the High Priestess card from the Thoth Deck. She is Artemis and the Camel. Gimel if you will. There at the bottom of the card is a camel moving along as if to emphasis the point that this Gimel is about movement. But just where is that camel going? It is in the land of nuts and fruits, the building blocks of life. So why move from that which is comfortable? Because Gimels path, the path of the High Priestes through her eyes of infinity, is to move from the Sun of Tipereth through the Abyss of Daath and finally on to the Glory of Kether. The imagery of her wounding by enchantment just belies the land of milk and honey. Though perhaps that is the point too. We walk away from what is comfortable for that which is Divine. Yep the one with the big D. "There is no part of me that is not of the Gods."

Somewhere in the distance Mick Jagger and the rest of the stones belt out "I'll never be your beast of burden..." So maybe, just maybe the trick is that we are all our own camel. Slowly making our way across the dessert of "us"ness. Perhaps that is the lot of the magickian, perfectly suited to the harash conditions of the dessert.

Nonsequetor memory moment warning...Somewhere else in the distance Marty Feldman pipes in "Hump what hump?" from Young Frankenstein. Then again that is just the sound track of my life :) It eminds me that I have a photo taken years ago in my inspection days of me on a Camel... somewhere. I was having a bad day and the zoo keepers took pity on me. A camel named Fred liked to mug for the cameras. The two of us were quite a pair that day :) I will swear to you that as soon as that old polaroid camera set up that camel turned and SMILED. He was not at all shy and he really did make my day. It occured to me also that being the camel would have been more comfortable than trying to ride them :)

And now on to the irony of the pound cake...

So today at the office my cubie mate, a gloriously naive 21 year old Fijian Hindu gal, brings in pound cake for me to eat today. She said " It just jumped in my cart" and would not stop until I ate some. She has never brought in sweets in all the time I have known her. She could not understand why I was giggling as I ate it. After the weekends discussion on the pound cake and Saint Expedite, it appears that the universe has spoken. The pound cake will be put out as a garden offering to any and all that will have it. I will do so tomorrow. I will have to put some up high enough so that it is not bird bait for the cats.

Now off to contemplate my Oghams. Only 25 to learn :)

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