Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ogham staves and lady bugs

So a while ago I ordered some Ogham Fews from a wonderful place up in Oregon called Rogue Regalia. Over the years they have supplied me with a plethora of very well made Geomancy and other tools of the Druid/ Magick trade. The set that I ordered is Oak and they arrived last night. To say that I am giddy and thrilled, would be a complete understatement. The picture above was swiped from their website which I highly recommend touring.

I was channeling my inner accountant last night, when I realized that there were 26 Fews and not 25. I had two of a Few named Oir. It appears that this is the Few of insight and hidden things revealing themselves in unexpected ways. Since I do not believe in coincidences anymore, I must be in for something interesting :) I will keep you posted if it shows up ... unexpectedly.

These are going to be at least part of the contents of my Crane Bag. I am going to start an intensive study of the Fews as I have absolutely no prior working knowledge of them. The plan is to take one a day for 5 weeks daily and just learn about it. I will write down all the important points the night before and then stuff that paper in a small leather pouch that I will wear around my neck the next day. The goal is to put it and me in the same space and hope we can set the tuning forks together. I will attempt to keep up the journal on this, but we all know how I am :)

Recently my Fennel has been overrun with aphids! Between work and school I have not had the time that I previously did to preen the garden. My neglect has lead to an invasion. Since the garden has consumption and alchemy as a priority, I was none too keen on the idea of any sort of sprays. This includes soap. I went down to my local organic garden shop and ... wait for it... BOUGHT lady bugs. Yes folks! I paid $7.50 for organic bugs that I opened in my garden. Frater POS was good natured in his eyerolling and sighing. He even helped me open the container to give them a warm send in.

After 24 hours many of the aphids have been disposed of and I have some VERY fat and happy lady bugs. It may not fix all of the problem, but there are worse things in the world than to release lady bugs on the world. They seem to be handing the situation and I realize that they are completely food based. When the aphids are gone they will find others to munch on in greener pastures. I am OK with that concept.

The great irony is that the Fennel that they are on is supposed to REPEL aphids. Great I get the live and let live Fennel. Perhaps it is my peacenic ways :) Well off to water some roses and spy on the aphid army.

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