Sunday, May 25, 2008

Water Altar

A few posts back I spoke about there being no magickal Whiteout. It would appear that was an early warning hamster kick. It appears that an intuitive magickal act several years ago has just come full circle. Let me explain further.

When I first got serious about the tarot cards I had started to go through systematically and skry the major Aracana. It was a wonderful experience and I had completed about 5 of the cards when a life situation arose that required my immediate attention. I was having problems and chose the lessons from the 6 of Wands to assist my process. I set up my incredibly cluttered altar and lit the very delicate tea lights in my dragonfly candle holders. Since I was put to sleep as an infant by an aunt who would meditate with me in here arms, the process has always been challenging for me. My natural response is just to go to sleep.

I began to meditate on the card and was receiving the information that I had been requesting when I felt myself move. Well more specifically I got the sensation of moving down an orange and silver tunnel. It appeared to have veins and lines of silver and I immediately recognized this as the path to the card on the astral. It then occurred to me that I must have started to fall asleep and had "fallen" into the card. I pulled myself out of the card and forced myself back into my body. When I opened my eyes, I was SHOCKED to see delicate little tea lights with 8 inch flames shooting out the tops. Horror and fear raced through my mine. I had two tea lights that looked like torches, on a wooden altar on a 55 year old wooden floor. I was sure that we were going up like a Roman candle at any second.

Then suddenly I heard an early Hamster call say "Consecrate it to water!!! NOW!!!"

Without any form of conscious thought, I stuck out my hands in the general area of the tea light/ torches and said " I Consecrate thee to WATER!" The fires return to their normal tea light status and I started to breath again. It was an incredibly powerful moment for me. I had no idea that the cards could manifest on this plane in such a manner. That was also my first, but unfortunately not last, run in with magickal fire.

I thought that was the end of the process, but actually it was just the tip of the flowing and gushing iceberg. My ENTIRE altar was consecrated to water. A few days later when I tried to light something on the altar, it occurred to me WHY this was an issue. I could not for the life of me get ANYTHING to light on that altar, try as I might. I went through 3 lighters and a box of matches before finally claiming defeat. The 3 male fire signs in my life, however, could light anything they wanted on it. Not being able to light something on your main altar is a BAD magickal practice. It became a large enough issue that I got rid of the altar when I moved a few years later.

During the move, my mom had come to help me and wanted the "fruitwood piece" as it was called. She knew that it had something to do with my practices and I tried to explain it to her. She wanted it and that seemed like a good home for it. I did my best to deconsecrate it and figured that since they are both not magickally inclined it would have little impact into their lives. Oh was I wrong!

Fast forward a year and some. She is building an art studio and my recently retired dad is doing most of the manual labor. I went out to visit them a few days ago and noticed my old altar in her art studio. I commented about it liking it's new home. Two days ago a freak storm moved into our area and the roof right above the altar leaked like a SIEVE. I ran into my mom at the store and she was still swearing like a sailor about my fathers lack of roofing abilities. She was demanding that he reroof the house since EVERYTHING is leaking. Having worked with my father in construction I chalked this up to retired labor and thought nothing of it ( besides offering to have everyone come over so that there were no DOMESTIC incidents.)

So tonight Frater POS and I were sitting around reading Circles of Power aloud and discussing that Gribbit Grove was hardwired in a certain way, when suddenly it hit me. "OH SHIT! THAT WATER ALTAR IS CAUSING THE ROOF TO LEAK." After the consecration the old houses garage continually flooded, but I chalked it up to lawn modifications... not the western side of the house. Now I am realizing that I just need to REALLY DECONSECRATE it or move it to a safe location. The trick is going to be trying to explain this rationally to my parents as I fix it. Oddly enough my father might just become more magickally tolerant if it means that mom can blame me for the leaking roof instead of him. Who knew?

OYE! There really is no magickal Whiteout.

The saddest part of the magickal look at one's life, is when you realize that the foot kicking your ass is your OWN.

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