Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother Goddess Mother Bear

At times in our magickal careers were reminded of one indelible fact. We are working magickians first and foremost. While most of my Work lately has been personal and alchemical in nature, yesterday brought home all of our Divine birthrights.

I was shocked and shaken by a message I received from a friend involving every parents fear. Her beautiful toddler was beaten by a daycare worker enough to be hospitalized with serious injuries. It is unthinkable and unfathomable. Once the shock wore off the immediate concerned turned towards magickal triage. We are gatekeepers to vast stores of energy, we just need to bring them into alignment and direct them.

What we can do as magickians is bend the odds in our favor. I have found that you only need a slight curvature of the space fabric to get a big long term effect. I pulled out the ol' oracle of Coin to make sure that what I was doing was along the right lines. I also immediately opened up a clear channel with my HGH to get some guidance. Once the process was settled on the form that this would take, I immediately went to Work. I checked for Moon Void of Course and immediately started gathering tools. My first goal was to mitigate the injuries as they were still unsure as to the extent. My second was to send the mother some peace and strength. As of today the injuries "are less than they first appeared and the prognosis is good." Bending the odds, just a bit. Sliding through the opening and letting it close behind us. Quiet and quick.

The Work itself was done in the Gribbit Grove with the mighty Earth mother and Nuit. The Divine Creatix amazes me in it's regenerative powers and ability to fold us all into her/their loving arms. The images were beautiful in the workings where I got glimpses of space, time and the baby all in the same collage. It was absolutely breathtaking. I felt the energy of the earth and stars merge for just a moment and then spark into action. It was simply amazing and humbling.

The next part of the operation proved much more challenging for me. I was so angry and so in raging Mother Bear mode that my first instincts were to pull up either some of the Goets, Babalon and or Sekmet to deal with the asshole that did this. Now mind you I am a much more "live and let live" kind of tie dye and Birkenstock hippy. This however crossed a large looming line and justice needed to brought to bear. My HGH kept repeating over and over, "small and concentrated, else more innocents will be harmed." That kept ratcheting down my first theory of magickal carpet bombing. We finally got to the point that it should be a personal understanding of his actions and an immediate bringing of justice to bear. As my dear Frater POS is fond of saying "Sometimes Karma wears a badge". It is my sincere hope that the clear shinning mirror of his own actions is burned into him with a crystal clear understanding of the Sun.

In my Hamster Socratic Reasoning, coin flipping mediation the path became clear to work with Horus. In my tradition he is a God of War, Vengeance and Justice. He is the Crowned and Conquering childe. He works best in a solar aspect and so I moved the operation to that part of the vesica pisces and chose a magickal weapon. The Sword of Will seemed to resonate with the words. At the end of the operation I heard a hawk cry out as it was hunting. I considered it a very good omen and a signal that this was accepted.

When I finally closed everything down I realized that the Druid grove would not have accepted me pulling up/or working with either the Goets or Babalon. The consecrated energy of the place itself would have fought me in the process. The two systems move in different ways. It is a large yard and the grove is just a piece of it. I will have to work on establishing an area outside of the groves influence for such forces. I know that at some point it is all the same stuff, but down here in my grove, "ya' gotta keep 'em separated."

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