Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Holy Guardian Hamster - My HGH

While I will not claim Knowledge and Conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel. I am on speaking terms with what I call my Holy Guardian Hamster. My HGH for short. It all started one day, as most of my more interesting revelations do, with a smart ass comment. It is just the language I speak and the universe communicates most clearly with us in our native tongues.

I was sitting down having a conversation with one of my mentors when all of a sudden I popped off with "Just my luck, I won't get an HGA I will get a Hamster." This rattled around in my brain for the rest of the day, but I just found the image amusing. That night while meditating, I kept getting the visual of a large fury hamster paw. Odd I thought and then it happened.

Suddenly I heard the clicking of a hamster wheel and then 'Hello my name is Vertigo and I am your Holy Guardian Hamster". While it was not expressed, a sentiment of "You rang?", was implied. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Now I do not think that he is actually a large Hamster but it is the image and shape that he took to get my attention. I can assure you that it worked beautifully. The term undivided attention was defined by this moment. The world could have blown up and I would not have noticed a thing.

I have done Godform work and other ritualistic options. I did quite a bit of testing to make sure that I did not just pick up a fuzzy astral bug. Though he never once struck me as anything other than a higher intelligence. Despite his subtle appearance, I have learned not to get too hung up on the form, but to listen to the function. He is me and I am him, but we are not the same. Like most of my good relationships, it's complicated.

Over the years we have sort of worked out the specifics of our relationship. He is not really my HGA incarnate. He is more like worlds best executive secretary. He passes messages and gets back to me. If they are straight forward questions he has the answers right there at his paw tips. Occasionally, something will occur and the clicking of his little wheel, will just stop. It is as if something has shocked him and he fell off. I call it "The Hamster seizing."

Now most folks who do not do the types of magick that I do, will think that I need more meds after this statement. Those who have had some contact with their HGA will know what I am talking about, or so I hope. The way that we communicate on a daily basis, is more through a question and answer phase. It is Hamster Socratic Reasoning. Sometimes he is waiting for me to ask the questions and sometimes he just volunteers insightful information. On a sensory level it comes through like someone whispering just above and behind your head. If I ignore him for long enough and he gets annoyed, I get little hints or nudges. If I really ignore the advice, I get a paw to the back of the head. This is reserved only for the Willful ignoring and it comes with lots of warning shots before I get that. The smacking sound is quite deafening.

Well speaking of Hamster promptings, it is time to deal with the lemon before alchemy class tomorrow. Enjoy your universe!

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