Sunday, April 10, 2011

The St. Pattys Day Cubbie and Thank Yous!

The Cub arrived on St. Patty's day at 11:03 PM. He is my 9 pound 10 ounce preemie, since he was born at 37 weeks. Yes my friends that makes him a Pisces just like Mommy and brings the count to 4 water signs and an air sign in the house. Pray for the Aquarian Tiger, he will need it. Even the cat is a Pisces...

Pardon the disjointed nature of the post, sleep deprivation is well upon me!

After a challenging pregnancy and a difficult labor, I am pleased report that the cub is healthy and HUGE! While my plan was for an all natural delivery, I was pleased after all of the complications for some assistance from modern medicine. I am also most thankful for all of the magickal assistance from the Cabal and various glorious mentors. The fact that it went as well as it did is in and of itself a magickal act. Thank you one and all for your well wishes and work on our behalf!

As I look at him sleeping next to me, I realize that there is an amnesia that goes with birth or we would all be only children. On this the Third Day of the Book of the Law, I am also most pleased to have a happy healthy baby Horus sleeping next me.

While both the Tiger and I were bald until we were well past the age of 1, the Cub came out with a gloriously thick head of blond (which we thought was red due to a well placed bit of blood) hair. Despite the concerns over his heart, he came out wailing and left no question as to his lung capacity. After careful examination, they could find no sign of the heart issues. Again, there is a magickal touch there and I thank any and all involved.

After 5 days in the hospital I was well enough to get sprung from the hospital we never looked back.

Right after he was born I looked him in the eye and asked him "Who are you?" and I swear to you he smirked. I am not sure what Pisces hedonist decided to take another ride on the material plane, but this will be an ADVENTURE!


Frater A.I.T. said...

Congratulations Soror!!

PhoenixAngel said...

Soror My Gal: Congratulation from the deepest part of my heart

Jow said...

Congrats! and good job!

The Scribbler said...

Sometimes we fish like to swim in schools. Congrats.

My Gal said...

Thank you one and all! I am just so amazed at his presence. Humbled is not even the word :)