Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pardon me you are stepping on my True Will

Many moons ago Lon gave a class as a precursor to the second Gnostic Mass workshop. It was a class given at Notocon years before and I think that the contents are worth repeating.
The unofficial title was "how to tell those 'above you' in the Order how to Fuck Off!" He told stories of his own magickal path and how a few well meaning but misguided souls tried to tell him what his True Will was. Needless to say this sort of overstepping, no matter how well intentioned, needs to be addressed. The message of the class was clear, no one but you knows what your True Will is and everyone else just needs to back it off. He reminded us that card of the Aeon has a child with a finger in the sign of silence. Sometimes the best Fuck Off! is indeed silence and withdrawal from the situation.
At the time of the class we all practiced saying "Fuck off!" a multitude of times. At the time I thought that this was well meaning but silly. I mean no one I had run into came anywhere near this.
Please fast forward to a few months ago. My universal landscaped has changed and I finally found someone who made this class necessary. While the details are not important the underlying message definitely is true.
If I had not had that class lo those many years ago, I might have been more hesitant to act. But as it was, I knew that there was a precedent and that the Hamster was right.
Large groups always have some large egos attached. No matter what their intent, when people overstep their bounds we have to have the ovum to tell them Fuck Off!
As it was the ergregore worked itself out neatly and all is well.
So for anyone who needs this message, just remember no one knows your True Will but you. If well meaning but over reaching egos are trying to tell you what your True Will is, please feel free to use either the silent withdrawal or the Fuck You method of self expression. Don't worry you have my permission and you have lots of precedent:)
Peace be with us all!

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