Thursday, November 4, 2010

Unintended Side Effects of Sex Magick and Alchemy

Sorry for the long absence but I have been experiencing some unintended side effects from a particular sex magick working. I am now 4 months pregnant. So here is really where sex magick meets alchemy. I am working on my very own crowned and conquering child or magickal childe incarnate. He is due in early April and has already proved to be quite a jokester. This should be an interesting adventure. At 37 why not have a first baby? We have both raised many kids, but this will be our first born.

I might note that the original working was also very fruitful, though not how I expected. There seems to be a lot of that going around.

For the early part of the pregnancy I have not been doing any Work, besides very mild daily work. I am just not sure what would impact the Cub. The one notable exception to this has been the Gnostic Mass. Early on, I received signals and signs that this was perfectly acceptable. The Great Ladies of both Babalon and Nuit have been very communicative during the Mass, but in different ways.

Since Babalon is not known for her warm and maternal side, I asked directly if it was OK to work with her. Her response was direct but yet puzzled me a bit.

"I offer you no harm" (This is a VERY good thing!) "but work with my sister." It felt like reading stereo instructions. It just was, very factual and to the point. All of my interactions with her have been at arms length and short. Her energies are just not conducive to me right now and I respect that. Proper application of force is always appreciated.

Nuit on the other hand, has been down right chatty. She told me and the priestess "not to worry" and told me that it was a boy. Needless to say she has been right on both accounts. She also encouraged/ instructed me to get up on the altar myself. So at some point soon, I will be the waddling priestess. It is best not to ignore invitations by divinity for too long.

The third Mass I attended after confirming that I was pregnant, was priested by my partner. For those who are not familiar with the Gnostic Mass, the priest starts off in the Tomb back behind a veil. He is for the intent of the ritual starting off dead and raised out of the Tomb by the priestess. As he was raised and started to pass by I heard and saw in my minds eye "Daddy!" with little hands grasping. It was wonderful and oddly strange all at the same time. The Cub as we call him is very expressive and chatty at times.

Recently we did some Work for an elderly family member who was going into emergency surgery. It was the first time that we had Worked for anything but a healthy baby since finding out I was pregnant. I did the divination, checked the planets, checked the moon stations and deemed it a go. The operation went smoothly until right after. After sending/ focusing the energy I was completely unsettled and upset. We closed and I was still upset.

It took me a while to parse out what had happened. For the entirety of the Cubs material existence he has always received the energy generated from any Work. He plays in it and rather enjoys the energy. There is a reason that I am practicing sex magickian, I am good at raising a lot of energy in that setting. He was downright PISSED OFF that I sent all the energy away. After some consideration another Working was done for him and he just giggled off to sleep. These are just not the sorts of things you can put into a baby book. Though I am most anxious and curious to see who this little one will turn out to be.

Well now back to sleep... to sleep perchance to dream....


The Scribbler said...

Well, well, well. Régen nem láttalak testvér!

Hope to be seeing more of you. I guess for the next five months there WILL be more and more of you (snicker).

Frater A.I.T. said...

Congratulations, Soror!

I hope your young'un comes out hale and happy!

My Gal said...

Thank you! This should be an adventure.