Thursday, November 11, 2010

Set upon the Summit of the Earth

The above is a picture of the altar for the Gnostic Mass. For the next foreseeable time, this is the only real sort of ritual and Godform work I will be doing. Sure there will be daily work and the occasional sex magick working, but this will be my main focus.

I now have all of the raw material for the tools necessary and must simply make the priestess robe. Since I used to a professional costumer, I really am out of excuses.

Last weekend we attended a Mass put on by my bishops. It was the first time I had seen either of them since our Lodge dissolved. It was beautiful and like home. My Tiger was one of the Children for the Mass and the Cub could not have been happier. While we were not in the normal space that I had seen them do Mass so many times before, it was the same place on a more spiritual level.

As the priestess assumed Godform and obscured from my sight, the Cub let out a little baby yell in my minds eye. I heard"Oma! ... Opa!" with little grabby baby hands. This made me smile as those are the dutch words for Grandma and Grandpa. In a magickal sense, he was very much correct in their assignment.
After, the priestess took me aside to tell me that she got a glowing light when I communicated and an image of a little dancing rabbit. Since the Cub will be born in the year of the rabbit, it seemed fitting.
As we all sat around talking about the specifics of the Mass, she pointed out what my other Bishop had pointed out. "Don't get bogged down in the details... just humm." Since two Bishops, who have not talked to to each other said the same thing - I really was listening. So details be damned, I am going for it. These ladies only have about 60 years combined experience in this ritual, so what could they possibly know about it (smirky smile)?
So as to prove the universal point, I was invited to do Mass in the first temple that I ever saw Mass performed in. I was flattered and realized that the universe had just cut out my LAST excuse. I was so honored and it will be like coming home. The amusing part will be that I will surely be the waddling priestess as it will then be followed by my baby shower. I will appreciate that the altar is not regulation size as I am set upon the Summit of the Earth. 42 inches and 3 steps is a long way down on tile.
So now primitive tools will be set out and my living room transformed. I will not be practicing so much the details, but the humm.
I can see the bigger picture here. It is not the specifics of the ritual that we tend to get bogged down into (you MUST hold your hand just so....) that really matter, it is the energy and the process. The internal energetic wobble that is created by fretting over the minuscea is far more damaging to the ritual than a missed word or tiny gesture.
To sleep perchance to dream. Peace be with us all!


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Amen Sister! And contratulations!