Monday, June 28, 2010

You are what we call a live one

The title of this post is precisely what the bishop who confirmed me said, as soon as we were out of temple. It has been resonating with me all day.

The confirmation was lovely yesterday. My dyslexia and anxiety were at an all time high but due to the nature of the ceremony - no meds for me. I am quite sure that was a bit of Divine architecht at work. That which we cannot go around we must go through. After this many years of doing the Work, I am almost used to the fact that I am not going to get any crutches to use along the way. Almost...

As the ceremony started my bishop started to push energy. Not a direct and overt sort of thing, but subtly. It was immediately answered with an instinctual stare. Not just any stare, this is the one that is fixed and reserved only for magickal settings. Honestly I do not do it conciously, it just happens. When it happened there was a visible smirk from the bishop. As the ceremony continued the process just intensified from both ends. At points it was tangible.

After it was all said and done he came up to me and said "You are what we call a live one." And again smirked. I was not quite sure how to take that and asked him to explain.

He explained that as the energy was moving he was a bit taken aback by my ability take it and push it back. He then expressed an interest to work with me in a ritual setting and I was most humbled.

I have not been able to sleep last night or tonight when I went to lay down. This happens to me when I take initiations, but by all accounts this was not that kind of process. Is it the energy? Is it the process of removing my own road blocks? Who knows.

What I do know is that I now have a lot of tools to build and a great deal of Work to do.

Enjoy your universe, mine is certainly looking up!


Jack Faust said...

Ah, sis. You are a live one. Fire-ball women: always a bit of fun.

And it's always a bit unexpected with you. And yet not.

Lavanah said...

What Jack said. And a big Huzzah! for life looking up for you.