Friday, May 22, 2009

Return of the Sun and cyclical ponderings

The Sun that I ordered arrived today and I am just giddy. It is much more beautiful in person. More importantly it FEELS good. It is a red muddy earth color like the clays in Hawaii. Glorious just glorious. To the garden goddess on Etsy thank you thank you thank you. With the return of the sun it completes an interesting magickal cycle. So I am probably more focused than I should be on the ebb and flow of cycles.

Magickal cycles are just like the tides. They come in and they go out. You can fight them, you can bitch about them but in the end they are what they are.

I was chatting with Frater RO about work and Work and how much one can impact the other. While I am not of the mind that "everything I do is magickal...flit flit flit" I am definitely of the mind that there is more to a magickal working than just standing in the temple and flailing in the appropriate directions. I know that my universal understanding is skewed towards the sciences but follow me on this one.

If I do Work to be more successful at something or to get to a certain place, then I need to be mindful of how those opportunities present themselves. As magickians, I believe that we can and should be tilting the odds in our favor yet once they are we have an equal responsibility to make the most of those options. So to that end if you did a whole bunch of work for monetary success be aware that the universe may open so many doors that you now have 3 jobs and very little life. That my friends, is a tactical error :) It is not the end of the world, but a serious focusing of your work may be in order. The only thing worse in my opinion would be to ignore it all together.

Magickal current is like water in a hose. If you plug it by ignoring it, it does not go away - it simply builds pressure. If you have a pump of some sort behind it ( say continuous workings ...) then you have a recipe for a nice spiffy explosion.

I am of the mind that what you do outside the temple is just as important as what you do inside of it. They would like to work hand in hand, but sometimes we get in our way. I am fairly sure that I did this to myself this semester. The Mercury Working last semester was so successful that I just sort of hit replay for this semester. My running joke was "I am just hoping to pass this class." Honestly I have never had a more frustrating experience in math in my LIFE. Try as I might this stuff was just reading like stereo instructions. I could do the math in the physics class ( the SAME EXACT STUFF) but when it came to the Calculus class proper, I felt like the idiot without the savant part. When my ubber spiffy shrinky dink mercury talisman broke about 3 weeks into the semester I knew I was in trouble. While I did survive the class with a decent grade it was hands down the most frustrating class of my life. Next time I am changing the running joke so that I do not low ball myself TWICE.

That is what I mean by course correction. If I continue to make the same mistakes in the workings and I do not catch it, I am doomed to repeat it. Honestly, I have no burning desire to repeat that for 2 more semesters. So while I may remake the talisman I may add a little Ganesha bit in there so that my dyslexic mind can get out of my way just a smidge. Don't get me wrong, love the fact that my brain does not fall into the same patterns as most people, but sometimes it would be nice to just do it the easy way. Just once :)

I laughed last semester when I realized the reason that so many buildings are these ugly monlithic boxes. In early Calculus you learn that the way to maximize area is to wait for it... make it into a box. You want it bigger? No problem - two boxes. I now understand the phrase "think outside the box" a wee bit more. This is the most efficient design no matter how ugly and plain. It also explains why architects and engineers fight on so many levels. I have no desire to build boxes when I am done. The world has plenty of those. There is no grace to such a thing. While I do not intend to build buildings with my degree, if I did... I would only design what looked like they belonged there. I would want it to look like mother nature herself crafted the sweeping curves and graceful lines. Maybe it is my druid side showing, maybe it is that my father is an architect. Whatever the influence I suspect that I will always be inspired by nature.

Speaking of which spring in the garden is calling. Peace and joy to all.

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