Monday, May 25, 2009

Greenman in the Garden

This year I continued my traditional hug a vet memorial day salute to the troops, both past and present. This year started with the good Fraters dad, since mine was out of town. I thought it wise to warn him before I planted a big hug on him, it would be embarassing to explain in the ER how I got injured :) "Yes the blind guy with the cane got me... no it was my fault..." He might be blind but I stil wouldn't sneak up on the guy :)

So on that note, Witchdoctor Joe your next on the list :)

Now to the Greenman in the garden. The above picture was taken earlier today. I am not sure if you can see it, but in person, the two grape vines on the arbor have formed a rather distinct Greenman. When you stand in the grove, you can see the vines have twined together to form facial features. From certain angles the roses provide lovely eye colors. The beard is courtesy of my general lack of weeding this year. I did not plan for that to form. My original goal was just to have white grapes and red grapes moving along the arbor and crawl up to form an alchemical middle ground. The original plan also included distilling the grapes into an Absinthe creation. So far no grapes haves been harmed in my gardening or brewing. The birds however LOVE the arbor and will most likely clean me out of grapes before they are ripe. I am willing to donate them as I am bit afraid that the arbor will collapse under 100 pounds of grapes.

As you can tell there are STILL 60 linear feet of ex fence/ soonish to be raised bed gardens sitting in the middle of grove. I am not sure if I think that they will eventually walk over to the right spot or what :) At some point I will extricate them and dedicate the sun spiral into the grove. Solistice is coming up so I will shoot for that. It has only been in the 90s here this weekend so I may have missed my comfortable window of opportunity. With as exausted as I was most of the weekend, I just didn't get a whole lot done. Oh well such is life.

I did get all but two of the plants that I had been collecting over the last few weeks in the ground or in the container garden. It feels good to have most of them in their new homes. Having them lounging on the patio in little plastic temporary nursery pots just bothers my druids sensibilities :) Though it seems like nature abhors a vacuum. No sooner do I get those taken care of then I am looking a the area by the south window thinking what to put out there. We framed these big picture windows as part of the remodeling and now I am looking out them thinking "man that is boring." This is never a good sign for the good Frater. It almost always involves many trips to the nursery and a financial outlay :)


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