Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peddle Power and Facing Our Shadows

Today is Bike to Work day and I am going for it. I work quite a ways from the house and so this should be quite an adventure. I am not in any sort of shape for this, but it might be good to burn off all of the stress that has been building up due to finals. As a druid I feel good about the effort. Please ask me this on Saturday when I cannot move...

In preparation I borrowed my moms bike and it is a beauty! The good Frater was just speachless when I brought this baby home. It is a pink beach cruiser with a pink helment. But wait there is more. It has flower spinners on the side AND big pink streamers. It is really quite a sight to behold. Which is the point. If you run into me on that thing (complete with me in a big red shirt) you were aiming for me. There is no way to miss this :)

So I was discussing this with the good Frater in the garden yesterday morning. I was laughing about my pink hippo shoes, this bike and my love of gardening in all sorts of weather. Without missing a beat he looked at the garden and said "Well the gardening is cool." Thanks honey...

At the last Pantheacon we did a ritual with the OSOGD about facing our shadows. It was playing heavily on my mind for a while and then was summarily forgotten about. Well it seems to be resurfacing in all sorts of strange ways lately. At school they are working on starting a vocational program and I have been consulted on the start up due to my former life. I am not sure where that one is going but it has distinct promise.

I have been seeing the effects on others who were there at the ritual too. It seems that those I know have been doing a great deal of excavating and dealing with crap. Now is it directly related, is it just part of the work... who knows? All I can say
is that is happening and I am proud of all of us for undertaking the efforts. I am also a bit concerned for some of the ghosts we are collectively pulling up.

"Be thou without out fear..." words to live by, but look before you cross the street.

Off on a peddling adventure! Wheeeeeee....

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