Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alchemist, physics and goosing scared cows

This morning I got up at 4am - again - but this time to see an eclipse of venus by the moon. I wandered all around the house and yards searching for it. Unfortunately to no avail. I was all prepared to sit in the yard and watch it in my footie jammies but the universe had other plans :) I begrudgingly return to my warm bed.

As I head towards a rather grueling 3 hour physics midterm, we finally got to a bit of the history. The phyics I am studying now was put forth by men ( and presumably a few quiet women) seeking the motion of the planets. Planet is actually greek for wanderer - or some other loose translation. As we were stepping through some of the names I could not help but know them from their alchemical pursuits. My professor was amazed that I had ever heard of a few of them. I joked that I am old enough to call them by their first names :) It was however comforting to feel like I was amoungst friends.

On my dinner break, I had a moment of weakness. There is a kid at school who insists on wearng black and a baphomet metal ( large enough that I can see it clearly without my glasses from across the room.) He strikes me as the typical teen goth/angst ridden/mothers basement dwelling soul. As I was eatting my PB&J, I over heard him on the phone. Since he was pacing loudly for effect, it wasn't really eaves dropping. He interupted his loud conversation to call his mother. After a short discussion about cleaning his room, he hung up and proceeded to brood. I had a moment of weakness I admit it.

I walked up and introduced myself. I asked if he was wearing the baphomet metal as a magickal symbol or just because he thought it was cool. He blanched. I explained that I am a ceremonial magickian and I was just curious. Weakness I know. He looked at me and was utterly speachless for a moment. Then he muttered that he wore it for "personal reasons" and that and I quote he "used to be a magickian." He then hastily packed his stuff and left in a huff. After about a hundred yards I could not longer contain myself, I laughed. I laughed and I just could not help myself.

Perhaps I will go up and actually have a conversation with him next time. Though I suspect that he was much more concerned about being cool. Though I know lots of folks who turned out to be just fine magickians despite ugly and clumsy starts. We will see how this works out :)

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