Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring is in the air

So in between midterms and house remodeling there just is no time for anything formal in the way of magickal practices. I try to do a bit of jacuzzi water mediation, but it is just so hectic.

Like so many magickians I know, I am almost blessed to death with good fortune :)

It is wonderful to finally be able to fix up the house in a manner that is more conducive to our tastes and highlights a more natural energy flow. Really it is wonderful. It is just a ton of freaking work.

My family has been amazing. Mom has literally been the guiding light through all of the changes and it is really coming along. On Saturday we synthesized our art pieces into one intentioned area. It really changes the way the energy moves in the house - in a good way.

On Sunday we cleared the sitting area and did weed removal on an epic scale. Hercules should have been consulted, it was that sort of task. It will reap long term bennifits and again I am very pleased with the results.

After tomorrows lab we are going to tackle fence building. This my friends will indeed be a magickal act.

On another note, the calculator is starting to become more functional in my hands. Today I received a solutions manual that is putting the rest of the pieces together on the calculus. Though I cannot help but feel that there is a real goetic influence to all of this. It smacks of right now sort of manifestation and I am all for that sort of help!

Well off to fall into bed after another 18 hour day :) All things in moderation my ass!


Qabalier said...

Are you going to give "the boys" their heavy metal fix, then? :)

My Gal said...

Perhaps :) Though that is usually a reward for a specific task. A bit of a business agreement but not a requirement.

I am the kind of gal who tips well at restaurants and if I borrow your car, I fill it up with gas and wash it before I give it back. As one of my favorite professors was fond of saying during the 80's antidrug campaigns "Just say no thank you, why be rude only to drug pushers..." A bit of common courtesy goes a long way :)

Qabalier said...

Of course, you don't want to spoil them :)

Should you ever learn about any "redeeming qualities" heavy metal may have, please let me know.
And by the way, I guess this is the kind of thing that pushes the psychological model to breaking point...