Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Channeling the Badger and the Psychological Model

The above little fellow is a badger for all of those who have not crossed their path. They can dig 3 feet a minute straight down. Today while attempting to set posts in the backyard for a small fence I was amazed by this fact. Two college educated adults who worked construction in our youth had a HELL of a time getting 2.5 feet with a 5 horsepower auger. Needless to say the good Frater had an inspired moment by renting this bad boy. We were going to dig these by hand. After 20 minutes of cussing and leaning and swearing some more we finally got two - count them two - whole holes dug. The original way was just not going to work in our life times and the good Fraters idea was nothing less than inspired.

During the process we were digging within 15 or 20 feet of several old trees. As we began this process I did not realize that we would be encounting roots. Sometimes I can be a very dense Taurus druid. As we started to encounter them, I asked permission and encouraged them to move them if possible. I also appologized. Each time I did, things cleared up with minimal impacts to all of us.

When I got back in and recovered I was reading a comment on my blog about the psychological model. While I will not claim to be an expert in this at the face I have serious issues with it. First off it is not how I perceive the universe. The point of contact is shared but certainly what I work with have thier own concious realities. Often they have expressed needs that differ from mine and I respect that.

To me the plants that I work with have spirits. Maybe it is the spirit of the plant in general but I believe that it is more specific to that exact plant. Each has its own chi for a lack of a better word.

The spirits I work with have their own existances outside of mine and while we connect for certain things, I do not believe that they exist only internally. I can see and feel physical manifestations and hence they have an external reality.

I know that many people hold the psychological model and that is peachy. If it works for you fantastic. In my experience most, but certainly not all, of the folks who insist on it really don't think that magick works. Hence why it can be all in your head. Many of them tend to fall into the catagory of mental masterbationists. They read about it, they theorize about it and then it stops. Though I suspect that every once in a while one of those folks actually puts in the effort and tries something. On that very rare occasion I suspect that more than a few of them have had the "Oh shit this really works moment."

While I have never really questioned if it works, the Goets in particular are good at manifestation and that can really shock you if you are used to implied and circumstancal sort of manifestation. Physically moving and placing things gets my undivided attention. They move thing like no other spirits I have encountered.

Most of the other spirits that I work with do what they do through functional flowing channels. The angels bring forces to bear in cosmic sort of coincidence sort of ways. The elementals can move, but tend to be more of an insight thing for me. The "boys" as I call them, just make it happen.

I need help with calculus, a calculator and several books appear in my life. Functional and immediate. It has the mark of Goetic influence and I appreciate all help in these areas.

Well off to fall into bed.


Gordon_Finn said...

Badgers rock.

Gordon_Finn said...

Have you ever heard a goet speak as it actually sounds, as it tries to pretend to be something it's not? There's metallic clashing sounds and sounds similar to hard rock and heavy metal. Try Three Days Grace. The lemegetons like them, especially On My Own.

Also, think of how people and spirits relate to the material world. Compared to the spirit world, earth is hard, pain, noise, sharp and jagged. The sounds of hard rock and heavy metal fit with those traits. Empathically, the material world feels like warm and jagged lava rocks to me. I get visuals like those clips they show on TV of early life, how volitile earth was in the early stages.