Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nerdgasm the TI89 hath arrived

After fighting it for years, I finally gave up and got a TI89 Titanium graphing calculator for school. It was a happy birthday present that the good Frater has almost gone to GREAT Frater over :)

Now most people would not consider this a very sexy birthday gift but quite honestly it is GLORIOUS. Now to the sane people out there who have no idea what I am talking about - it is a big freaking very cool calculator. It does more stuff than I can even imagine. It will help me this semester with math in all sorts of ways. Perhaps I will even be able to sleep at night again....

When I took it in to one of my favorite professors and explained that it was a birthday gift he announced that I had fully arrived at nerddom. He then generously told me how to turn it on.

OK off to investigate the wonders of the graphing calculator world!

Geek on!

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