Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bug hunting

So this evening I got a flash of inspiration. More specifically it was a hamster kick of intuition. Both of us have been feeling downright crappy for about 2 weeks. Different stuff for each of us, but it has just sucked all the way around. So tonight on the way back from ice cream I got a spark of inspiration.

Recently, when the good Frater goes to bed and wakes up feeling better I get his back and leg stuff. At first I thought it was just sympathy pains. Then I thought it might be a straight energy transfer. Then it hit me. Bugs. It is some sort of pain thought form bug. When I started to express this to the good Frater, a plan started to play out in my minds eye. I got a very clear visual of running this critter through with a blade. When I started to describe this, the pain in my leg stopped. At some level I knew that it knew that I knew. Yeah just say that a few times fast.

So when we got home, I found the nearest coin and started asking a few pointed questions. I was, as usual, not asking the "right" questions and it took a while for the waters to clear. When they did, I found that my old embroidery sissors may have found new life.

Now the general point here will be to run something of iron through the thing and thereby short the little bastards out. The irony it that this is TWO blades that are designed to cut only what you want and leave the rest. While they may not look like functional magickal items, they most certainly have proved themselves to be in few practice runs.

This metaphor tool set might not work for the whole world, but for me it is perfect. I suspect that this (these) things feed on the energy of pain. If so then their whole goal is to cause as much pain without actually harming the organism. So my goal is to surgically place the embroidery sheers between it and us. Like all good scientists, I am setting up a few dry run trails before I go full bore. If I am correct it will short out. If I am wrong, we will have another good story to laugh about.

In this dry run process, I kept getting prompted to chew and burn angelica root. I grow it and have the dried root around the house. In the dry run I burned some, chewed a little and then placed the blades on the areas the hurt. The sensation was intense. I could feel the heat and sense the electricity. I was sure that the blades would be hot. When I pulled them away they were quite cool to the touch. I tried it on the good Frater with the same reaction only more intense.

While I am not saying that this will fit the problem immediately. Original trials have improved the pain levels significantly for me. I will keep working on this. If anyone has any experience shorting out astral bugs, please let me know any tips. Pardon the pun.

Alright, back to your regularly scheduled program.


Gordon_Finn said...

I would often get attacked by these worm like things with a sucker on the end. They'd jump at me and latch onto the back of my kidneys. I would take my physical hands and grab them, as if they were physical and yanked them off and then, I'd hold it up in front of my face and visualize 'death ray' energy shooting out and dissolving the bastards.

Another way is to try to see in your mind what this looks like. Say it's this devlish looking thing with claws, teeth and wings. When you have it and it's snapping at you, do something like wrap it up in metal straps that keep it from moving or put it in a cage. Then, do something to knock it out, an astral drug injection or one of those cartoon spring out boxing gloves from a wooden mallet. When they're knocked out, systematically destroy parts of them, The claws, the teeth, the wings. All of them dissolving. Each of these is an aspect of them they use to hunt and attack and ingest what they get. You remove that, believe you've removed that aspect of them. Then, you get rid of the limbs and the head and turn it into a blob that can't do anything.

Then, you call a spirit you know to take it and dispose of the blob.

I did this is remove someone's personality trait of constantly snapping and being angry at everyone around her. Both her material and spiritual selves were open to me doing it and it worked out great.

boleskine93 said...

Wanted to tell you that I read your blog as well as Doing Magick. The Enochian Temple is amazing. I'm adding you both to my blogroll.

93 93/93

My Gal said...


Thank you Peter for those kind words. It has been hectic but I will try to be more regular in my posts :)