Monday, January 19, 2009

So today it starts

I wish I had one of those big bugles so I could trumpet and announcement. Short of that, here it is:

After many years of trying to avoid it, I have officially decided to put a consorted effort into starting an OTO body here in the valley. Moons ago when I took my Minerval and had to drive down to 5 hours for my initiations I thought "man wouldn't it be great just to do it here at home?" I banished that thought from my mind. I have seen at very close detail just how much joy it is birth such a labor of love.

In short I avoided it neatly for many years.

This did not stop the Current from applying pressure. Constant pressure. It did so in subtle but consistent ways. At every turn I would get the "bishops hand shake". It went something like this:

"Hey how is going? So how is that Lodge in the valley coming along????"

I would always look behind me, hoping that they were talking to someone else. Damn. Nope it was me. Sometimes it would be months or even years between seeing me when these folks would ask me. I was amazed at their memories.

Somewhere in the process it occurred to me that I will never be taking my inits at home. That is just not how it works. If you are the first ones down that path, then you are always travelling and those who follow you reap the benefits. From my humble observation of a few different occult groups it is just plain service. It is giving back. Maybe it is even just paying a tab.

I travel to the Lodges that my brothers and sisters put blood, sweat and tears into to take my inits. Many of them were never able to take inits in their living room either. They travelled to someone else's Lodge of blood, sweat and tears.

I have no illusions that this is a walk in the park. I know that there will be many times when I will question my resolve and probably even my sanity at the choice. Though any further avoidance will end in a very solemn boot to the head from my HGA.
Somewhere along the lines I have come to realize that my Will and God's Will start to become the same thing. Avoiding your own Will out of any sort of fear just blows up strongly in your hand. So, I embrace the adventure willingly.

It occurred to me that the process will need a separate contact so as not to get caught in my normal email. So if you are in the Central Valley of California and want to be involved. Please drop me a line at :

This should be an adventure!


Caicher said...

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Just remember to keep the candles away from the drapes! :o

Really, best wishes 'n all that.

My Gal said...

oooh don't get me started about candles and drapes. You are just not a magickian until you set yourself on fire during a ritual. Ode to joy!

Thanks for the well wishes.

Jason Miller, said...

I can honestly say that starting an OTO encampment was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Congratulations and good luck.

Jack Faust said...

Grats, sis. I think you'll do a wonderful job!