Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nerds at Play

I sometimes joke that I went to Nerds R Us High School. It really isn't a joke. I went to a math and science magnet school in a good sized city. We were 150 of the geekiest folks they could find. I call many of my friends from those days Doctor. Well, I call them by our quirky high school names but I try to remember to add the doctor part. It rolls around better on the tongue that way.

My path took a different turn after high school and I took a different direction in college. I don't want to say that I got lost, but I really did take the long way around. For the last semester and a half I have been taking classes to catch back up where I was before. In many ways I still am taking those classes as review. Though this semester is different.

I looked around the halls for the Physics with Calculus class and realized - I am with my people. In some ways it concerned my little ego. I worked in public works for many years, so the folks there are mechanical geniuses. If it has wheels (or could have wheels) these guys could make it go. I looked like a wizard when I introduced them to Excel spreadsheets. Besides my boss at the time, I didn't really have any competition in the geek department. Since I went back to school I have been taking fairly straight forward classes and blowing everyone away. I was a big fish in a little pond. Yeah I admit it, I liked it. Now, I am back in high school again.

Thank the Gods not literally. That would test my stand on euthenasia.

I am back with the smart kids. I am back with the geeks who "get it." Yeah they are 19 and cannot buy their own beer, but they understand the subject matter. I admit that I miss being OBVIOUSLY the smartest person in class :) Now, I am going to have to compete again for the title of queen of the nerds. There are 8 women in the physics class of 50. I am sure that there will be enough tiaras for all of us.

It bothers me though that it bothers me. It makes me question who and what I believe I am as a person. Am I defined strictly as "the queen of the nerds"? Is this my next card to fall? I suppose that only time will tell. I would love to pontificate more, but I have so much freaking homework that it is not even funny.

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