Friday, January 16, 2009

Checking Einsteins Math

The Enochians have been having quite a bit of fun with me lately. PAAM told me that I did not have the tools to understand the symbols and that I must go find them. Well guess what, they showed up today in the most unlikely of spots. My Calculus classes (yes plural...). On the board today was the symbol that I did not understand from the vision. It was my professors "personal short hand" for a function with Pascals triangle. It involves taking two things from above and combining them into a predicatable 3rd thing. DOH. I was glad that my internal filter did not plug right then because some very unladylike things would have come tumbling out of my mouth (With an acceleration of -g or -9.80 m/s2 :))

The next one was in the Physics lab. We started talking about "pure energy" there it is again. Then we started to check Einsteins math on the theory of relativity. Yes my head again spun.

Tonight when we got home from dinner, I flipped on the radio. On comes the song "pure energy".

The Enochians have been having a field day with me.

Though it shakes my theory that everything I am getting is from my conciousness. These things are outside of me and that will have to be evaluated seperately.

As for evaluations, I had an odd moment while checking Einsteins math. I felt sort of ... well unqualified and rude. Then I thought wait a second, you put it out there and I am just supposed to TRUST you that it is right? I extended that to my magickal life and it was rather profound. How many authors have I read and given more weight than I should. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has typos. It clearly states in the Enochian book that the table should be a cube made of 2 cubics 44 inches each. That makes a mighty big table. That one got cleared up quickly. What about all of the stuff that doesn't? What are we as magickians taking "for Gospel" that might have just been a weird typo? Oh it boggles the mind. Though this week, school has done a lovely job of addling it.

Off to rest!


David said...

You are doing fantastic work. Keep it up! :D

Concha said...

great blog! you write about some interesting topic, now I'm ready for some much needed spellcasting

My Gal said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement, the are appreciated!