Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sharing is caring - maybe - Enochian tools

I tend to talk with my hands and occasionally even use words that other people understand. Not always mind you, just occasionally. Before I blog I always start searching the web for images. I just need something to set the tone. Otherwise, I don't really think that we are communicating. Tonight I was looking for a picture on sharing, but I came up with this one instead. It is actually one of my favorite pictures of all time and so up it goes. The fact that it is not at all related to what I am saying is not really even going to slow me down. Sorry it is just how I am :) There is a lot of "wheee" in that picture and I have an over developed sense of "whee.." So says the good Frater :)

Over the last few weeks of tool building I have noticed a few interesting things. The good Frater is starting to speak my language. He is also starting to sense the world more like I do. This is probably good for understanding and confusing as hell to him.

You see we have our own way of doing things. We have our own spaces and we operate magickally within those, unless invited in. It is not that either are banned from the spaces, they are just distinctly seperated and they have their own feel. We operate in totally different currents. This is not your traditional Mars/ Venus minucia, no I am talking polar opposites. I am VERY watery pisces and he is a VERY firey Leo.

We have been working on finding something that we could do together for years. Each attempt has just sort of started out well but never really went anywhere. Solo projects called and we got distracted. Then this came along and it has been really moving for the last month. We still work in our own spaces and in seperate ways, but we are both pouring energy into the tools. Blood, sweat and tears sort of energy. Labor of love sort of energy.

So when he came in the other day and made a gesture and said a few weird words, I realized that he was speaking my language. That coupled with a few other discussions leads me to believe that the tools are acting as some sort of conduit between our spheres. He seems to be getting a little of mine and I am getting a little of his. Curiouser and curiouser.

The Table itself seems to be somehow more in tune with the cosmic universe. While I have not noticed any interesting dreams, I have been having interesting flashes of events. I hesistate to say preminitions because I am fairly sure that at they are happening as I see them. Perhaps they cut holes in the astral like a periscope. I am not sure on that one but I will keep you posted.

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