Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nalvage and Lady Liberty

The above coin is the exact make and model of my favorite oracle of coin. It is a brilliant oracle that I stole fully from Lon Duquette's book "The Book of Ordinary Oracles". The process is very straight forward. I flip a coin (any coin really) and ask if it is the oracle for this series of questions. If it comes up heads it is my predetermined sign from the universe that this is the coin. If it comes up tails, I grab another coin. It isn't fancy tech but it works. It works for finding lost things. It works for determining all sorts of magickal bits. Today I put it to work to learn a little bit more about the tablet of Nalvage that we will be working on.

This morning we acquired 2 pounds of bees wax from Bob the Bee Guy. No I am not making that up. He is the local bee keeper who sells honey at the local farmers market. If you ask really nicely he also sells the bees wax. It is hard to explain, but this guy loves the bees. They are in his aura and he just feels right magickally. This is where we get our wax for a reason.

So after a long day at the local garden give and take, I was ready to get to work.

The first problem was that one pound was not enough for an inch and a half tablet and I suspect that 2 pounds will be too much. As I type I am determining that. Once I get it where I like it we will be stirring in India ink and hopefully getting the desired results.

At About 3Pm I put the wax in the oven and had a flash of inspiration or perhaps a good hamster kick. Why not use the coin to find out more about the Tablet of Nalvage? It is a bit of a mystery and I do not like making tools until I have a firm understanding of why. I am not a very good pisces. I have way too much of my Taurus sensiblities melted into my scientific background. Faith comes hard to me.

So I started off with my favorite coin, a 1979 Susan B Anthony Liberty Dollar. It is an 11 sided coin. The ironic gematria was not lost upon me. The following are the results:

3:15 PM 10/25/2008

  1. Are you the oracle for this set of questions: Heads.
  2. Which side is yes? Heads
  3. Can I post these results on my blog? Heads (Yes)
  4. Is the tablet of Nalvage planetary? Tails (No)
  5. Is the tablet of Nalvage of manifestation? Tails (No)
  6. Is the tablet of Nalvage of the angelic hierarchies? Heads (Yes)
  7. Are the continents maps? Tails (No)
  8. Are the 4 continents related to the tetragrammaton? Tails (No)
  9. Will the ink being added work as I have planned? Heads (Yes)
  10. Does the tablet relate to a specific angel? Heads (Yes)
  11. Is that angels name on the tablet? Heads (Yes)
  12. Is it in the first quadrant? Tails (No)
  13. Is it in the second quadrant? Heads (Yes)
  14. Is it in the third quadrant? Heads (Yes)
  15. Is it in the fourth quadrant? Tails (No)
  16. Since the second is exalted and the third is manifestation is it relating to how the energies manifest? Tails (No)
  17. Is that angel in charge of both quadrants? Heads (Yes)
  18. Are the letters of that angels name contained in those quadrants? Tails (No)
  19. Is the angel who is referenced in the tablet named Nalvage? Tails (No)
  20. Is the angel named something similar to Nalvage? Tails (No)
  21. Is the purpose of the tablet to focus the energies into manifestation from the workings? Heads (Yes)
  22. Do I need to summon the angel of the tablet to work with the tablet effectively? Heads (Yes)
  23. Are there more than 5 letters in the angels name? Tails (No)
  24. Are there 5 letters in the angels name of the tablet? Tails (No)
  25. Are there 4 letters in the angels name of the tablet? Heads (Yes)
  26. Is the angels name the name on the ring Pele? Tails (No)
  27. Is the name composed by taking 2 letters from continents 2 and 3? Heads (Yes)
  28. Are those letters in the same spot on both of the continents? Heads (Yes)
  29. Are they in the top line of both continents? Heads (Yes)
  30. Are they the first two letters read right to left? Heads (Yes)
  31. Is the name idsa? Tails (No)
  32. Is the name a combination of those letters? Heads (Yes)
  33. Is the name dias? Heads (Yes)
  34. Is this the name of the angel in charge of the tablet of Nalvage? Heads (Yes)
Now once we get going I will have to call up this angel and see if we got the right one or if I smack into something not so nice. Only time and testing will tell.

Off to check the wax!

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