Friday, September 12, 2008

Calculus - know your limits

So I guess I do know my limits. I got the results of my test back today and I got a 98%. I missed one problem due to an inability to work a graphing calculator. (Please read as old Druid does not like technology one bit...) Luckily my fellow tutor promised to teach me one of the days we were working together. Yes I will get paid to correct my calculator crisis. The Will of the Magickian was achieved.

We also moved into an area that I am very familiar with and will stay there the rest of the semester. Applied mathematics and how it relates to physics is mothers milk to this old nerd.

While it is still too early to call the talisman a screaming success, all signs are leading to it working out very well. I have gotten a handle on the class and will be paid to put the rest of the pieces in order. That was the tastiest talisman ever!

The vapidly stupid folks from the previous post launched a new assault after the test, but I was ready for them this time. I just sat down like a Buddha at the gate and watched. As they were giving the professor grief and feeling good about it, I just stared and waited. Finally when one went to speak to me about something else, I managed to get in the comment "Well if you spent as much time studying calculus as you did ( random thing)... then you wouldn't have this problem." My motherly smile, did not hide the daggers in my stare and he knew it. A bit of solar flashlight quickly deflated his ego and he wandered off. His messing with my favorite math teacher makes me cranky.

For those who are waiting for the banishing of the vapidly stupid, I am still working on it. I think it has solar components, maybe some mercury too. I will pursue it further. It appears that I will have to figure out in this class at least. For their sakes.

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