Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sage advice with Simon

So as I was out in the garden this evening watering and discussing the days events with the Sage, I realized why I have not put in a drip irrigation system. Other people have sacred temple space with cool double cube altars where they commune with the Gods in a Hermetic way. I get up every morning and on blazing hot days like today go out at night to water plants. Yet it is more than that. It is a form of direct communication with the Divine Creatix. I have a garden hose, it has LIFE and somehow we work it out. It is my most intimate self reflection. Everything is out in the garden if we just look. Everything has a place and a time in the garden. Compost is a way of life. We prune what is no longer useful and recycle it, so that other things may grow from it's nourishment.

Today I stood next to the Sage and bees. I was contemplating the need to identify new growth while respecting and letting go of the past. A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite garden buddies, an older neighborhood Siamese cat that I called "Simonized", chose to pass on in this area of the garden. Shortly after that the sage began to bloom like never before. Thank you Simon. You were one of many of the "Not Cats" to grace the garden. They look like cats, but they are more akin to tiny fury Buddhas. You know them simply by looking in their eyes. You don't know what they are but you KNOW that they are "Not Cats".

The Purple Sage was stunningly alive with gloriously delicate purple blossoms. While I was contemplating his memory, I stood and picked some sage blossoms. The sweet nectar and memories of him rolling around in the Vesica Pisces made me smile even more. As I stood inspecting the plant and noticing the subtle changes from the morning watering, I realized that this IS the point.

Every morning I get up, no matter how sick or grumpy and drag my ass out to tend to the garden. It is my most functional form of daily work. Previously, I had done LBRP and MP daily rituals for 6 months straight just to prove to myself that I could do it. It was a function of devotion and Will. It was very enlightening but it did not move my soul like the garden. Once out there I am instantly aware of the subtle changes and new growth. I preen the plants as I go and acknowledge each plant in turn. Many have names, such as the mint plant that has been killed but miraculously comes back to life. Lazarus is doing fantastic this spring :) No matter what I am EXCITED to watch life pop up in front of me and unfold into the most wonderful and amazing colors. I graze as I go also. I was feeling the beginnings of a migraine and so I asked and received a couple 0f Feverfew leaves and flower heads. I feed them and they feed me. Around and round we go.

I have taken to grabbing the camera as I go out, because life moves so quickly. The bee and lavender picture that I took above was just one of the many rewards :) Though I will say that if there is indeed hive collapse, it is no where near my garden. It has literally been buzzing for months now. Perhaps I should have picked a different Druid name than the Holy Humble Bee... oh well.

Each of us moves through our daily lives like separate entities. We are a magickian in temple, a whatever at our job, a family person and a host of other things. That is the illusion. The truth is we are just us in our garden, but we move too quickly to see it. So I am sure that I will be far too busy Working to get around to installing that drip irrigation system anytime soon :)

Off to water the garden :)

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