Friday, May 16, 2008

The jacuzzi is back!!!!

Oh happy days are here again! The jacuzzi is finally back in working order and ready for bubbling.

While most people would consider meditating and banishing in water a very very bad idea, it works just fine for me. As a Pisces it does a great job of washing off all of the astral goo that builds up in my natural sponge state. Yes I banish in water and it is a lovely thing. I call it hippoing. I get as far into the water as I can and open the rituals astrally. The process is calming and freeing to my mind. After an LBRP and occasional MP I can easily mediate and clear my mind.

I am sure that my process is probably getting rid of all the crap that I store up in my liver, but it is very effective. I have been systematically dumping it all into the garden. Funny the garden does not care where then energy comes from. It will neatly convert it right back into life.

I would love to elaborate, but the jacuzzi is back from a 3 week hiatus due to motor issues. We need some bonding time... this could take a while :)

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