Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping Adventures

This weekend found us up at the 6400 foot level in the Sequoias. My family was military and their idea of a good weekend was snow camping. The good Frater had a more limited background. I was a bit concerned about how he would like it.

Much to my relief the man settled into it and became quite the mountain goat. I was honestly proud of his efforts.

The energy up in a Sequoia grove is just glorious. If you are not humbled and awed by those magnificent beauties then you really need to check your pulse. As a druid you could have left me up there for a few years and it would have been just fine with me.

The area was high enough up that the flora and fauna totally changed. Besides the glorious and majestic Sequoias there were an assortment of trees that just wouldn't quit. There were ferns, dogwoods ( blooming for all they were worth by the way) and enough noble firs to make santas elves blush.

Being a known druid in a camping group always sort of puts you on the spot. People ask questions about what sort of plant this or that is and I have to answer an honest "hummm good question" more than I like. When they ask me the name of the plant, I stop for a second and ask it. There is usually a response from the plant and those I am with generally think that I am kidding. I am not. Soemtimes it just goes by "Jim".

Up there the plant spirits were rather chatty. The tree spirits were a bit more reserved but they were definately present and observant. They were very pleased that the folks who came as of "late" were much more reverant than the "killers" from before. Since the area was heavily logged I can only assume I know who and what they were talking about. It broke my heart to see some of the remains of the past logging practices and made me very glad that we chose bamboo hardwood floors.

The fauna was just as interesting. There was a collection of deer and small animals that hovered just on the edge of the camps. They knew that we were of no harm to them and they were most curious about us. The squirrels however were just show offs. They loved to torment the dogs that were in camp and took great delight in the process.

I had reason to work with the air spirits quite a bit up there and they are interesting at altitude. Besides a few requests to push smoke away, there were a few midnight inquiries to the nature of the noises outside the tent. I could visualize an area around the site and ask if there were any animals of concern within those bounds. I was trying to be specific about any animals of concern and I got back "Nope and there are no bears anywhere near here." Good enough for me and I went back to sleep.

It turned out that I had more magickal business up there than I expected. There were many talks that I was hamster prompted into. I thought that this was just a vacation, but like usual the Work never waits for long.

Now to decompress and absorb the experience. Peace and big trees to all.


Stephen said...

Did you go through 20 years of druidic training? Oh wait that's right, you couldn't have since records of all of their practices don't exist, in other words, no virginia you are not a druid. Druids were great men of science and sorcery, the idea that anyone with a penchant for white robes who knows a few words of Gaelidge can suddenly claim that title is a wee bit insulting.

My Gal said...

What a polite introduction. I am sure that your mother is proud.

OK my turn and I have a few questions...

1. Who are you? Since you are hiding your profile online I cannot respond to directly.

2. Who is insulted by my Druidry?
All of the real Druids I know could give a rats ass about what others call themselves or do in their religious practices.

3. Do you know me? Or was this a random skim in between WOW quests?

4. Have you read the rest of the blog?

OK now a less subtle response...

Really? Show me any authenticated "ancient Druidry" and then we will talk. What we have that can be authenticated and not just WISHED at is about 10 pages from another culture. Until you can show me anything then "Audit you."

I have spent well over 20 years studying science and while I have not spent as long studying magick, I am fairly secure in myself. I have a very wide background in a myriad of scientific endeavors. I would have fit in quite nicely with men of science and sorcery.

Actually, I am not a big fan of the white robes. They are very hard to keep clean in practice. While I am big fan of linen in the grove you ALWAYS get something on it. ALWAYS.

Get over yourself.

Stephen said...

"1. Who are you? Since you are hiding your profile online I cannot respond to directly."

Someone who's not a fan of people taking catchy titles without having any respect for the culture in question and I don't have a profile.

"Who is insulted by my Druidry?"

What you do is not druidry; it's silly to adopt ancient titles just to 'exoticize' your practice all while treating a culture as if it's just 'stuff' to be picked apart.

"Show me any authenticated "ancient Druidry" and then we will talk."

There isn't any authentic druidry which is kinda my point, it's highly disrespectful to take catchy titles from a culture. Nice to see that you feel proud to be something you're not.

My Gal said...

Stephen get back to your WOW game and let the grown ups get back to their Work.