Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shift Happens

As I type this part of my garden grove is buried under an ex fence soon to be raised bed garden. I have gone way beyond recycling on this one. I had no idea what 60 feet of fencing would turn out to look like in the middle of my grove. It should be an interesting project.

I will remove any wood that is functional and make my raised bed garden on the northeast quadrant of the yard. I am not sure at this point how much wood will actually be functional, but anything that is left will be claimed by my family for firewood. While some would argue with me, I think it is a much more noble end for the wood than a landfill. I work with landfills, I can assure you that they are ANYTHING but noble.

As I was contemplating this project I started to think about all of the recycling we do. Our bin overflows every few weeks. Our trash is generally nonexistant. I was quite proud of myself until I realized that really I needed to be aiming to cut down on the need to recycle. Yes it is great that things are being composted and recycled, but wouldn't it be better if I didn't need all that damned packaging in the first place?

On strickly a matter of concious I am going to have to look at installing a soda fountain :)

Seriously, I have been trying to get a co-op started in our area for a long time and it is my sincere hope that it will finally take hold. I am fully embracing the idea of losing the disposable packaging whereever possible. Yet like all things shifting takes time and adjustment.

I see that adjustment all around us now. There are so many things happening on a global scale that mirror initiations. Follow me on this one...

To all of us who have gone through intiations of one form or another they all take on the same basic framework. Before the initiation we think that we are living in balance and are on very firm footing. After the initiation we are shown (sometimes rather painfully) where those misconceptions lie. We find that we are not on firm footings, but indeed have been stacking a house of cards in this or that area of our lives. Suddenly the house of cards falls and we are left scrambling to put the pieces back together on a REAL firm footing. As magickians we know that the universe does not only shake our new structure once, but a bunch of times from lots of different angles. I see this happening on a global scale.

As magickians we know that this period of adjustment is uncomfortable at best and devestating at worst. Eventually when we have done this enough we recognize the signs and start to get a little heads up about the lessons and how to build that strong foundation.

One of the hardest lessons for me has been learning to let go of those things that I am comfortable with. Those things are not always good for me, I am just used to them. I see this on a global scale as well.

We are working on shifting into this new space and this new global sustainable us. The ones that consume less than we produce and are concious of our impacts. As magickians we have a few advantages about seeing the process unfold. So to that I encourage everyone to keep their sense of humor about them. I suspect that we are all going to need it.


On a weird personal note, I have noticed a sense of peace and silence around our place. We have both become very protective of this quiet. When we get in the car, the radio is no longer part of our natural background. It is loud and obtrusive. The house is quiet and we are both fierce about that aura. How strange.

When I was a little kid in Catholic school the Father would always say, " Peace be with you" and the conditioned response was "and also with you." I think I am starting to get it. 30 years later, but I think I get it.

The peace is not so much a temporary condition, but a state of being. It is quiet and comfortable in it's own skin. It entertains it's own thoughts and quietly contemplates the universe. So I wish you all from the bottom of my heart...

Peace be with you.


Suecae Sounds said...

This was a great post and I agree on it's key points. There is a necessary shift taking place and I hope that the governments do not forget this when this economic crisis is in the focus. But there is also the Us who can do things and make things happen directly. That is why I find these kinds of posts very worthwhile to read.

Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

And with your spirit.

My Gal said...

Thank you for the thoughts. I am glad if you enjoyed it.

Remembering that we are in a state flux makes the process of change perhaps a shade easier.