Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Peace by any means

Sorry the picture above is snagged off of another site that also did not list where it was from. It is however a perfect image to my post, so I am keeping it :)

The topic for this post has been rattling around in my head all week while I have been painting. Tonight between the benadryll (I am allergic to the paint DOH!) and the exhaustion it finally clicked into place. This all started over breakfast on Sunday. We were reading the paper over bagels when I came across an article on Zimbabwe. It appears that government sponsored thugs have been taking women to rape and beat them into not speaking out against the government. This is more economical than bullets it seems.

So it started me thinking about my time in Eastern Europe. The same institutionalized bullshit happened in Yugoslavia. As the good Frater and I spoke the magnitude of the problem became apparent. This is a long standing problem. Dawn of time sort of old. It is not new and it is not particularly original. It rubbed right up against my issues and I have been contemplating my response for a few days now.

Rape and this sort of intimidation have nothing what so ever to do with sex. It is just straight up power. "Do what I say or else..." The article stated that the newest twist has been to grab the daughters of the men who speak out. The mother bear in me just about lost it.

I am not a reclaiming feminist. I don't think that I gave anything up so hence I have nothing to reclaim. Before anyone gets the wrong idea I want to state for the record that this is not about all men or humans for that matter, just the bastards doing this crap. In this particularly strange situation, I find myself on the same side as our Founding Fathers as they spoke of a well armed militia. Immediately my mind went to the Russian Womens Battalions of WWII where even hardened German SS officers would break ranks and run when they saw them coming. It also went to a more personal note with an incredible woman who was an Isreali ex special forces officer that I have had the pleasure to meet. These are the types of women that would end this sort of nonsense. If these bullies met with armed and trained resistance this vicious cycle would come to a screaching halt. If they knew that when they kicked in the door they would be met with a woman or women who were trained and would protect one another, this crap would come to a screaming halt. I am talking mother bear at its finest.

I am not a warmonger. Far from it. I am a Birkenstock wearing, tiedye and peaceful sort of gal. Yet I undestand now the Book of the Laws admonitions to be soliders and as Brothers (and Sisters) ye fight. I am not sure what form my resistance will take on this subject, but I am formulating a plan. It will probably include a bit of Sekmet, Horus and the Great Sword of Justice. I will not go quietly into that good night.

This may end up being a magickal movement with a mundane face. All manifestation needs an idea in the formative world and this is an idea whos time has come.

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