Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Philosophy Class and the Fool Card

Recently in philosophy class we have been wandering into the concept of the Fool. We are moving through some of the many classical attempts to prove that God (Yahweh version) exists empirically.

One of the reoccurring images and phrases is that "The fool says that there is no God." I know that is quoted and bantered around from the old testament. All I could see was the Fool tarot card and Crowley's statement that "There is no God but man."

Then I suddenly get a flash of the communication line in the Gnostic Mass "There is no part of me that is not of the Gods.

So what does all of this mean? What is the message?

To be brutally honest, I am not entirely sure. Does it mean that" it is all in our heads and that we just don't know how big our heads are?" Ala Lon? Maybe, but I cannot profess to get my head around that one either.

All I know right now is that there is something BIG out THERE and that there is a very good chance that it is VERY SMALL in HERE. Here being the space between the particles of my very being.

When I have worked with various spirits and God forms they occupy a space in my brain. Like an outcard in a filing cabinet. There is a physical location in which my brain plugs in like a lamp to an electrical outlet. During the last few weeks of Enochian tool construction that process has changed.

The place that this energy connects is all of the places IN BETWEEN the cells. Like the electric spark that moves from one synapse to another. When I am making tablets or rings the process buzzes in my brain like a tangible electrical current. It is actually quite pleasant once you get over the weird factor. Boy does that describe a great deal of my magickal journey!

So I can see how that level of energetic buzz might not work well for everyone. Some people might even find it problematic. I am not sure at this point though, why Enochian has such a bad rap about blowing out your circuits. I fully suspect that the circuits must be a bit faulty and you plug yourself in just so to have that effect. Though at that point it may just be a matter of time before that short grounds itself out. We will see.

Hopefully I will not come to regret this last bit of the post :) Only time and my magickal diaries will tell.


Jason Miller, said...

I was reading something related to this on the toilet earlier today. The illusion is that we are a small thing, in a small room, in a small planet, in a large universe.

But when we really investigate, we find that we know nothing outside of our own awareness. So for each one of us, the universe is contained within our awareness.

When we cross the abyss and transcend even the individual witness/soul that we possess, we realize that there is really no separation. The idea that the universe is contained within our awareness ceases to be an metaphysical point of reference and is realized fully as the actual reality.

Frater BH said...

Jason, what you just posted sounds a lot like Lon's point of view which you strongly disagree with. What is the subtle difference?

My Gal said...

The process of where each of the pieces accesses my brain was just fascinating to me. I am not sure that in is not out and such.

Though I cannot claim to have any desire to cross the abyss. I still carry a compass when I travel :)

Melting into the universal cosmic IT on a fairly regular basis is plenty mind bending enough for the likes of me.