Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crowley talk at PPD

So this year I decided to give a talk on Crowley the man, the myth and the magick. It was an interesting journey of discovery. Fascinating man. Jerk at many many times, but fascinating. The above picture sort of helped me to understand how he got a reputation as a playboy. Quite honestly the older pictures of him looking like an early uncle Fester and that just confused me. I mean what sort of magick did that man have to possess to have women flocking to THAT?

I think that the talk went well but it is always nerve wracking. Sticking up a sign saying "Hi I am the local Thelemite and OTO person but I don't speak for the OTO only myself..." is a bit like sticking your address up on the net. Sooner or later you are bound to get trouble out of that. Yet the flip side to that is that you also get a great deal of interesting folks out of that. I really do love interesting :)

As usual Frater POS and I showed our different styles. Behind the scenes no one saw his months of memorizing and studious presentation. Mine was more of an organic bit. I gardened a lot as I contemplated just what topics to cover. There really are just too many. It would take life times to cover it eloquently for everyone there. I covered enough bits to get anyone who was interested on the right track and investigating. Those who don't care to do that much work I attempted to entertain for an hour.

We covered Liber OZ, Duty, Will, the Gnostic Mass and some on the Tarot. Specifically I neatly recycled these cool postersize copies of the aces from the Thoth deck. I am a druid and a pisces. Therefore I am totally down with recycling great toys for more folks to play with them. There is just something about postersize cards that really makes you appreciate the artwork so much more.

Maybe next year if the universe says yes I will build that cube of space and the large ATU that I have been threatening. Actually it would be cool to have the entire deck blown up but that would be rather pricey and then what do you go with them the rest of the time? I mean it is not like 78 foam core poster boards would sit neatly on a shelf... no brica brack here...

Though I was just glad to be in the middle of a group of very sane people. Despite one of my favorite talks about going "Bugfuck crazy" most of the people there were sane. There was a large contingent of great folks and it really was a pleasure this year.

Next time less amber. That whole solar tradition with the sun burn in the rain is hard to explain. Oh well ... such is life.

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