Thursday, September 25, 2008

My kind of hippies

OK so I just snuck out of bed to type this. Don't tell Frater POS... If he asked I typed laying down sideways :)

So I just got back from UCSF and they are my kind of hippies. Literally the hospital is a few blocks from Haight and Ashberry. The doctors that have been seeing me have all the credentials to be assholes. They went to Harvard, did their residency at Boston and then instead of working on their golf game and 401 Ks, they went to Africa. Yep my kind of hippies. They are the best in the world at what they do and so for that I was prepared to put up with a lot of crap.

I had already been through the grinder at Stanford and quite honestly they were useless. This wasn't their specialty and they had nothing they could do for me. They were however quite willing to wait until the liver gave up and then they would get me another one... maybe. I was put on the transplant list and told to contact them when it gave up. Thanks. No kiss?

So when I got to UCSF originally I thought "Well at least they are the best in the world at this and if they cannot do anything then I am at the end of my mundane rope." I was also prepared for assholes like at Stanford. The head of the liver clinic saw me a few months ago and I was completely impressed. When he walked through the door I found a brilliant medical adept and much to my surprise a genuinely nice man. Honestly I was shocked. After the last visit several other appointments were supposed to be set up through his office. After a month I started calling and got the run standard "oh we will get back to you." After two weeks of this I EMAILED him directly. The next morning 5 people called me trying to get me in the next day. It appears that he had a talk with some folks...

When it did work for my schedule he worked it all out for me. I had several set of appointments and was concerned that the biopsy really didn't have a schedule. It was just "after the other appointments". So after my first appointment I went to the surgery center. Then it all made sense. He had scheduled himself to do the biopsy and was just going to be paged when it was all ready. I was floored.

Everyone of the staff was knowledgable and fantastic. Everyone from the receptionists, to the ultrasound techs to the incredible recovery nurses - just fantastic. Not to mention the best liver guys in the world doing the biopsy. Just a small added bonus. So the actual biopsy was no fun but it was 1,000 times better than the one here. Even after a 4 hour drive home, I am not 1/10 as sore as the last time. Damn their good.

I am still pretty drugged but there is not so much as a bruise where they went in. Amazing.

So to all those who sent love prayers and the occasional Goet, thank you very much. The boys did a nice job all the way around :)

Off to lay back down like I am supposed to be... I mean resume where I was :)

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Lavanah said...

Oh, Sweetheart, that certainly answers one of my questions. Healing and happy thoughts on the way. And hugs for both you and the doctor.