Monday, September 29, 2008

Local PPD talk

So this weekend I will be giving a talk on: "Crowley the man, the myth and the magick". Yeah I chuckled a bit at the whole MMM reference. Some days I just amuse myself and the 3 other Thelemites who might find it funny.

The talk has been rather challenging to put together but I think that I have a handle on it now. The problem was - too much information. How do you download it functionally in 60 minutes? Well I have gotten around that issue but to see how ... well you will just have to wait for the talk. Yes I know I am evil, but in a grandma baking apple pie sort of way.

I did not provide a bio to local community for publication. My hamster is just not fond of the concept of announcing myself as any sort of formal connection to the OTO. There are just not a lot of us here, but I am very open to those who are looking. This little talk should bring all sorts of folks out of the woodwork.

The joy of Crowley is that EVERYONE has an opinion. Love him or hate him... everyone has something to say.

Well off to lay down and ponder my opening :)

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