Sunday, August 3, 2008

Magickal speaking

I am not a witch. Despite what most folks think. I am a ceremonial magickian, a Thelemite and a Druid. I am however woefully unexperienced when it comes to anything witch or Wicca.

My first real encounter with the process was at this years Pantheacon. Every year we attend a fabulous ritual put on by an amazing soul. It is the Morrison ritual put on by Jason Mankey. If you ever get a chance to go - do. You won't regret it. Through a bizarre series of events he was without a high priestess and my role from setting up chairs was suddenly upgraded. Thank the Gods for my dear sisters who braved the hordes with me. That was literally the first official act even vaguely resembling Wicca. During a particularly glorious moment I was attempting to call the quarters when I realized that I was..uhm... forceably turned to the appropriate direction. It was a grand time, just sort of a blur.

Yesterday however was a much different approach.

Frater POS actually came out to celebrate Lughnasadh with me. It was shocking and interesting all at the same time. Our paths are so very different that we rarely cross, even for public events. It is not a lack of support, because we are very supportive of each others pursuits, it is just a distance. We have sort of odd guidelines... " Please no Goetic work in the Grove..." and such things. Other than that we help and assist but generally leave each other to our own pursuits. The ritual was short and sweet.

Afterwards we were invited to some dear friends houses for a Wiccan version of the same festival. I was honored and excited. The process was so very different than anything I do, but yet it felt like home. It was a family adventure with little ones involved and a very warm community feeling. While it was inheriently a group activity the processes involved were all individual pursuits. The burning of the dross from the old year and the fixing of the corn dollies into our new hopes and dreams felt like we tapped into a current as old as the Earth herself. The wheel spins and away we go. It was wonderful and I really enjoyed seeing it from that perspective.

Moons ago I sat in a loft speaking with one of the elder Thelemites about how my path had been different up to this point. She looked at me as she always does, with a warm and knowing smiling and said "Oh honey don't worry it is all the same in the end." Yesterday reinforced that more than ever. The more things change the more they are indeed the same.

So maybe I will have to reconsider my hardline stance. Maybe there might be some witch in me after all :) I already have the hat...

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