Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gribbit grove and the vesica picses

To say that I work intuitively would be a vast understatement. If you pick up the Thoth's fool card, you have a good representation of my life. I skip from place to place enjoying the sunsets and actively squeezing the joy out of every drop. Some have said that I have an over developed sense of "wheee...."

The crux of this story begins 12 years ago when I decided that I would buy an innocuous mint plant at a big box store and attempt to grow it indoors. I would have grown it outdoors, but I lived in an apartment about the size of a postage stamp. So I got it home and watered it. All was well until my cat (actually she was only a cat in name, more on her later) found that something ELSE was living in the apartment and promptly killed it. She ended up getting 3 years worth of them before I moved to a house.Once at the house I could move them outside. This was the beginning of the end for them. I am the epitome of "out of sight out of mind." Once they got out there in the heat, I completely forgot about them. So for the next 7 years I did this dance macabre. Yes the mint dance of death. I killed them in containers large and small. All with the same ugly end.

Two years ago when I moved in with Frater POS then I decided that this needed to change. I was a budding alchemist in name only. Despite the fact that I was on the most wanted list at the local gardening centers, I decided to give it a go. So I picked out an abandoned patch of the backyard and set to work and Work. I planted a hemisphere of the backyard with a Tree of Life theme. On the right was the white side of Mercy. It had white roses and lavender forming it's half of the path. On the left side I planted red roses and basil. I planted lemon balm, spearmint, rosemary and thyme where I could. In desperation I made contact with the Archdruid of North America - AODA version- and begged for guidance. He suggested offhandedly, that Moss Agate cures a brown thumb. That was enough for me! I immediately started looking and found a piece that was PERFECT on, of all the unmagickal places, EBAY. I ordered it and started to wear it with my unicursal religiously. It is with this attitude that I began to shape what would eventually become Gribbit Grove from my alchemical garden.

I watered it by hand and despite my best efforts it THRIVED. Best of all, I started to understand the power of the Moss Agate stone in combination with the Lemon Balm. The Moss Agate allows me to "hear" when the plants need water and when they have had too much. I hear them in the same way that I hear my HGH. It allows communication to occur and while I don't understand the mechanism, I am grateful for the help.

My watery Piscean universe is full of frog references. I have collected them for years and they started to show up in the garden. All told there are 4 frogs and they are guarding the quarters, though I did not intent it as such. I have a working area in the grove and it was just screaming out for something. Then one day I was looking at a picture of Chalice Well and it "occured" to me, as all intuitive things do, that I needed to put a vesica pisces out there. So I gathered up some stained glass supplies, a few bright shiny rocks and some nice granite rocks to start to build. I took my yard stick from sewing out the garden and marked off where it would go. I chose to make the top sphere solar, the middle lunar and the third Tulleric ( Earth). I placed the blue suns and moons that I got a a local glass store at the tops and bottoms of circles. For the lunar sphere I found some white milky glass beads that I had used in a previous project. There were also red blobs for the fire triangle on the solar sphere and blue blobs for the water triangle on the Tulleric sphere. When I was all done I was quite pleased with the results and found that I had enough correspondences in there to please my inner accountant. The final touch was when I found some green calcite at a local lapidary shop.

After all of the hard work I was pleased when I found out that the druid who started all of this would be in the area. When he came by to see it, he immediately remarked "Humm Gribbit grove". Somehow it just stuck.

So now I need to go water some plants in the Gribbit grove.

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